Last day in Canada

We are leaving tomorrow–really! I thought I would leave this blog till tonight but think it best to check it off this morning it’s on the to-do list that keeps me up at night. We pick up visas and passports this evening; we have plane tickets and Chinese cash. Nous sommes prets–we are ready!

Forecast for Jiaxing when we arrive on Wednesday is for a balmy 31 degrees. Here’s hoping our ride from the airport is air conditioned. By the time we clear customs, find our folks from Jiaxing Secondary and make our way out of the airport and drive to Jiaxing, it will be early evening. Great timing for jet lag recovery! Maybe we will walk to the local Walmart to pick up some things–it appears to be in our new neighbourhood–then stop in at the local for a cold pint. Wait, different country. Will take it as it comes.

Sam has taken over my phone, same number. Don’t call! We will be skyping , blogging and emailing regularly. So with our friends singing a rousing rendition of “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?” we are off! Cheers, everyone.

5 thoughts on “Last day in Canada

  1. Trish Higgins

    Bon Voyage! I wish you both a trouble free trip after all the craziness before hand! have a wonderful adventure. Can’t wait for your next post. Love Trish

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  2. Kelly Spencer

    Never had a back to school time quite like this before have ya!?! I’m glad everything has worked out. Here’s wishing for you both a safe journey and the adventure of a lifetime!!!
    P.S. Right! Note to self… No advice seeking txts to Terry’s phone. 😉 That would be embarassing!

  3. joan

    Dennis said he saw you at the airport! Hope you had a good flight! Goodluck with your new adventure! Can’t wait to read about all your events! Joan


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