The World of Work

We already miss some Canadian traditions.  The one dearest to our hearts is that of school starting the day after Labour Day.  We have been at work with kids since Saturday.  Sunday we started our regular classes . We worked Monday morning and then returned to school for an opening day assembly where there are to be 2 hours of speeches delivered in Chinese.  It’s not the best plan to start the school year with a 7 day work week but we will get through it.  We are largely past the jet lag but not pleased to have to start this way.

Our kids are cute and not unlike any we have taught in Canada.  It has been interesting finding out what kind of music they like, who their heroes are, what they like to do in their spare time.  The school takes over the role of parents who try their best to keep kids busy and out of trouble.  After attending 4 hours with us, they have lunch then spend the afternoon in Chinese school.  After dinner, another 3 hours of supervised activity awaits them.  They have lots of choice in the evening and it seems to be good bonding time between student and teacher, but yes, it means the teachers work long hours too.

Have been in touch with Greg Corry and Bruce Carabine, both former colleagues of mine from Coquitlam.  They are working at Cinec schools in Shanghai.  We hope to meet with them as well as Mary Lee and Al Thomas over the next two weeks.  Looking forward to visiting some good spots in the BIG city and learning the ropes from Greg’s experiences in the 3-4 years he has been in China.
Photographer’s Note:

Due to someone’s lack of planning, it appears the cable which links the camera to the computer was left behind. That issue will be dealt with in the next day or two, and then we will begin posting photos.

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  1. Carol Attenborrow

    Terry – what a tale you’ve told in just a week – think of the next year! I am living vicariously – sounds like so much fun. Take care on the scooter!


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