My Favourite Photos So Far

Thought I would post these photos, just for a laugh.

believe it or not, wait for it now, ……… a beef restaurant. (Apparently, it has gone out of business – gee I wonder why?)

get rid of all that styrofoam?

This is the man responsible for cutting the lawn of our playing field. Next time anyone you know complains about cutting the lawn, let them see this.

A static shot looking down Nanjing Road before we started walking.

Looks like a classic English Morgan – well maybe not, but this is the one I want.

These capes cover both the “moto” and the driver in the rain.

Without a doubt the most unpalatable thing I have ever seen. Came to the table as a wobbly, gelatinous brown mass. However, under that was the most delicious pork meat – Fabulous.

The traffic, theoretically, drives on the same side of the road as we do.

600ml – 83 cents

Did you want breasts, legs or livers?

Mr. Xu is the principal of the big school. He has been very supportive in getting us settled and started.

Who is the white haired guy in the background?

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Photos So Far

  1. tom rippon

    Have great time Geoff and Terry. I have been in England playing golf the past two weeks. Going home tomorrow.

  2. karen & mal

    Mal and I enjoying all the photos and blogs. Life seems very interesting in that part of the world. Keep up the news from afar.


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