The Universality of Relationships

So here is Geoff’s morning:

I believe I witnessed a guy get caught having an affair. I was in Starbucks this morning and a 35ish couple were sitting just in front of/beside me at the window. The woman got up and headed off to the washroom. Another woman came in on her phone and looked around and then saw the guy (I think she was using the phone to trace him – at least that’s what it looked like).  She came over and stood beside him and he slowly looked up at her and then back down. She said something to him – no response. She started to walk away and then came back, bent over in a very intimate way and says something to him. No response. Now the first woman is on her way back and the second one leaves – passing each other with no indication of recognition. The couple have a very quiet conversation, with meaningful looks. The the second woman came back and handed him what looked like 3 6″ x  6″ x 1/4″ photo albums and left. They obviously have some meaning since he just stared at them and then out the window with the thousand yard stare for a few minutes, followed by more quiet conversation with the initial woman and sad eyes on his part. Wow. Quite amazing. Don’t understand the guy – the one he is with is pretty, but the other one was far more attractive.

He continued giving off a lot of of far away looks. He then moved over to the one who went to the bathroom and  tried to talk to her and hold her hand, but she was having none of it and kept pulling away. I think she received something on her ipad (email from the jilted?) as she passed it to him, he read it, handed it back to her and then he came over.

After 15 more minutes of meaningful and distant looks and quiet conversation, they left. However as they walked to the car (a Lexus parked just outside) there was both physical and emotional distance between them.Very sad.

Moral: never go to Starbucks with your lover!!

Geoff’s afternoon : After the morning’s excitement, I needed a long walk to get in touch with what is important in the world. So I crossed the river. Now most – okay none – of you will understand the significance of crossing the river, but it means that I have ventured out into heretofore undiscovered territory. As I crossed the bridge over the river I see a series of 5 scows, toodling up the river with coal on them.

After the bridge I come to a major intersection. There is a new hotel (looking quite deserted) and adjoining business tower on one corner. (May I add that there are 6 lanes running north-south and 4 lanes running east-west at this intersection). The other three corners all have highrises under construction on them. In fact, there are 7 highrises in the immediate vicinity being “built”. I say “built” because at each site as I walk around, there are only security guards at each gate. No workers, no noise, no nothing. It is one of the eeriest feelings I have had. There is, as usual, minimal traffic on the roads, so it is much like I would imagine a western ghost town would have been. It was actually quite unsettling. As I walked down the street I came across a kind of newish (maybe 10 years old?) strip mall of maybe 25 stores with a couple of floors of apartments above. The “retail units” are almost all empty and look quite run down already. When I say “retail units” you need to understand that these are simply 12 x 15 concrete cells with either a gate or a pull down garage door on them. It was as if they were built for the boom and it didn’t happen. Much like elsewhere in the world, and much like the towers being “built”.

Moral: Never cross the river in hopes of being cheered up – it doesn’t work.

(Ed. note: Wednesday night we went out to dinner with Daisy from school. Check out the pictures of our meal on our Flickr account on the right hand side of this page. I may be becoming a vegan.)

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