Questions, questions, questions

This weekend Terry visited Suzhou (she will tell you about her big action there!) and I visited Shanghai. I wandered around for a couple of days, had the best milkshake (banana based) of my life for lunch at the Burger Bistro and then went back that night for the best burger (The Cuban Habanero) ofContinue reading “Questions, questions, questions”


Well, the contest deadline has come and gone and we have winners. Congratulations to Kelly – the Self-rotation beans fishing is a restaurant in our neighbourhood – one which we are unlikely to try. There was a tie for the most creative business explanation. Congratulations Wendy and Lois. See the comments for their explanations. TheContinue reading “WINNERS!! WINNERS!!”

A Night At The Opera* and Opera, My View

This post has two parts -the first is Geoff’s, followed by Terry’s. A Night At The Opera* Last night, along with approximately 1500 young adolescents, we were treated to a Night At The Opera*, courtesy of  Jiaxing Senior Secondary School and The Provincial Troupe of Zhejiang. Let me say before I get into my review,Continue reading “A Night At The Opera* and Opera, My View”