Think layers, ruffles, lace, tulle, pearl buttons, rhinestones, giant faux gemstones, ruching, pleats, bows, solids and patterns–on one outfit, sometimes on one garment!  I kid you not.  It is hard to know where to look. This is a common look in low end clothing.  On the subway the other day, a young woman got on wearing turquoise patent leather shoes with leopard trim on the heels and toes, black striped tights (with lace-effect between stripes) that stopped about 6″passed her knees, and navy short shorts.  Her top was a beige sheer print in a pattern of red/pink roses, with a ruffle of tulle extending below the hem.  Around the collar was a ring of lace and a line of rhinestones the size of quarters; pearl buttons ran down the front.  She carried a green over-sized handbag.  Her look was extreme but I have seen a little black dress that had my eyes jumping from detail to detail:  black, but who could resist a swath of leopard print across the bodice?  Underneath, pleats but just down to the fitted waist.  Below that was soft gathers.  The sleeves were ruched and a large bow set to one side decorated the collar, where a few ultra large faux gems glittered.

Elsewhere in Shanghai, women walk on stiletto heels, wearing the standard short length skirts and dresses in calm and coordinated hues of off-white, grey or taupe, their hair and make-up impeccable.  Their designs tend towards minimalist; even the odd floral print is tiny, subdued and immaculate.  Gorgeous…and like everything else in China, illustrative of two extremes.

Meanwhile, I am sourcing out large size (8.5 at home, 41 here) shoes, barely available in China.  Today I was so excited to find a pair (yes, one pair with no choice of colour) of ankle high boots.  The decision to buy was instant:  they fit, the looked great and they were on sale!  Picked up a few more sweaters in the Chinese market and am good to go.  I will be the height of fashion in Jiaxing!

3 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Val Goodridge

    I’m wondering how your tailor made clothes turned out? No leopard print on you guys I bet!

  2. Carol Attenborrow

    Honestly Terry, you could be the commentator at any fashion show – I am impressed with your eye for detail.

  3. Lynne

    At a time when I often have difficulty remembering my own name some days I admire your capacity for retaining detail.


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