Fashion Part 2 and Taxis too

What am I?

A few more Fashion Observations:

  • Women in China have small flat feet.   If logic says that since women’s shoe sizes stop at 39 (equivalent, to Cdn 7) and there is not an arch support among them, then all Chinese women have small flat feet.
  • Chinese women LOVE shoes.  In Shanghai, I saw hundreds of pairs of beautiful to cute shoes in every colour of the rainbow,  that I would have bought in an instant if they fit me.  Desert boots are back.   Elton John 4” platforms with Louis XVth heels are available.   So are 6” platform Converse-style high-tops.
  • When wearing short-shorts, also wear black stockings so that the upper darker layer shows below the shorts.
  • Some couples like to dress alike, mostly just in matching or same colour T-shirts.
  • Young men take great care with their hair.  The style is short at the back and sides with lots on top, swooping forward from the crown over the brow and to one side, sort of what I was hoping for.

Our tailor made clothes turned out very well once some minor adjustments were made.  Two of the three skirts I had remade are gorgeous.  In the third, the fabric turned out to have a sheen to it and is much stiffer than I had sensed from the sample, but even it will be okay as it is a simple straight skirt.  Geoff and I both like our shorts and will get more made.   I was going to get some shoes handmade but have given up on that as the reviews on the recommended “Mr. Billy’s” ranged from fabulous to unspeakably bad with nothing in between.  Another shoemaker we talked to seemed to know what an arch support was but tried to pass plastic off for leather.  I will get by with what I have and what I may find on future visits to Shanghai.

(Ed. note: Some of you have commented on our taxi experiences. Let me add some more. Yesterday we caught a cab from where we were staying in Shanghai back to the railway station. It was approximately 3 1/2 blocks (normal length) from where we first stayed. The first time it cost 240 yuan ($40), the second time 120 yuan ($20) and yesterday 55 yuan ($9) – I ‘m thinking some of them they take the white obvious tourists every chance they get. When we got back to Jiaxing, we got into another cab. But first, he put our suitcases in the trunk which then wouldn’t close. I tried to but one in the backseat so it would close but he was having none of that and put it back. He then proceeded to cruise the station, calling out to people and trying to get an additional fare into town – that was why he wanted the seat free. When a guard started to chase him, (I guess it’s one fare per car only – how strange) we took off – and I mean took off. We made that ride faster than any other time – all the while waiting for the suitcases to pop out when we hit a bump. Thankfully that didn’t happen and we arrived home safe and sound.)

After our very hectic week, it is good to be back home in Jiaxing, where it is quiet and calm this Sunday morning.  After a week of unrelenting insomnia, I finally had a good night’s sleep and we are both looking forward to a slow day.

In all my glory!!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Part 2 and Taxis too

  1. Lois Marsden

    Your blogs are fabulous and so insightful to the lives people in China live. So many new insights and observations. They have certainly left Mao in the dust …at least in the bigger cities. Regards and thanks for sharing. Lois and Gerry marsden

  2. Lynne

    Okay, when you and Geoff start wearing matching clothing consider it time for an intervention and an airline ticket home 😉

  3. Larry Hamilton

    Hi Terry

    It may just be the high forehead but I detect a slight slant to your eyes behind the sunglasses, Happy to see you both in good spirits. Enjoy.

    Larry H


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