F@#$ing Finally!!

Clearly this blog posting does not come from the erudite, sophisticated and elegant Terry. Rather, it comes from the thick, plebian, slovenly Geoff. Nevertheless, once you have heard my explanation, you may understand. I took the attached video 9 days ago while we were in Shanghai. It has taken me that long to reformat, break down and upload the three parts of it so that you might see what we did that afternoon. When one uploads videos to WordPress from China, one is at the whim of the VPN (technological stuff no one out there needs or cares to understand). When the VPN blinks off – even for a second or two, one must start the upload all f*&^ing over again and get down on one’s knees and start the praying as well. Part two alone of this compilation takes approximately 4 hours to upload – imagine the chances of the VPN blinking off even once over that period.

Anyway, here are Parts One, Two and Three. Some thoughts: #1 – It may be that they need to buffer, so you may wish to start part one, go away have a cup of coffee then come back and watch it and then do the same with parts two and three – forget the coffee – have wine; that’s what I’m doing. The second time through it goes MUCH smoother #2 – I suggest you click on the small arrows on the bottom right of the video to make it full screen. #3 – Please forgive the actual filming – done by an amateur on a small camera – next time I’ll be better. #4 – This was not an unusual occurrence – you can get these cooked/raw food markets anytime in any city in China. BTW  – I was going to add the theme from The Streets of San Francisco, but a) it wasn’t all recognizable and b) can you imagine how long THAT would have taken me!! Finally, before you ask, I have NO IDEA what the guy in video 1 is saying. (Terry’s interpretation is “Buy a scarf, buy a scarf.”)

PS – For Nancy only –  f*&^ing really means frigging (Honest!!)

8 thoughts on “F@#$ing Finally!!

  1. Lois Marsden

    Great shots…lots of food and wiggly creatures….FDA would be in shock and hyperventilating; however, people seem to be well fed and alive. Lois and Gerry

    1. Gary Nikolai

      Impressed with your patience, to produce this masterpiece of film. Only hope that Geoff’s commentary will become more polished in the coming documentaries.
      For Geoff’s info. I (Gary) unofficially joined Mal and Scott’s attempt to lose 20 lbs. before you return. As we are now renting in Sun City West from the Applegaths. Cindy and I are working out at golf and losing weight, as of today 9 lbs to date.
      Gary and Cindy

  2. joan

    It doesn’t look very sanitary! lI could just picture people sneezing, blowing there nose, etc. all over that meat in the middle of the crowd! Thanks for the video Geoff, it is truly amazing how different everything is over there! Hard to imagine!

  3. tom rippon

    These videos are great to see. It tells me that I would probably starve to death if I was to visit China.

  4. Roger Blackman

    Hi Geoff. You have just missed the rainiest weekend in the Lower Mainland since February. The Midweek Mudders are now switching to bridge.

    If you can take a suggestion from someone who has never owned a videocamera, it is to avoid the quick sweeping scans. Slow scans are fine, then take your finger off the record button until the next slow scan.

    Pam and I are thoroughly enjoying both your blogs, Our admiration is undiminished.

    Cheers, Roger.


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