Some Interesting Photos

If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then I am about to regale you with a VERY long post!! We took the first few photos when we were in Shanghai two weeks ago.

1. I combined three photos into one for comparison’s sake. It was taken before this past weekend’s deluge in Vancouver. This is a digital weather board stretching across a major road in the Pudong area of Shanghai. Pudong is where all the new  architecturally unusually designed buildings are being built. (There might be a career here for you, Little Dick).

Temperatures around the world

2.   I took this photo on a VERY crowded subway car – but clearly no one wanted to stand near the foreigner (ie ME!). This space was the only space of more than a few inches anywhere on the car.

Don’t Stand Near The Foreigner

3. Look closely in the red circle – you can just see the top of Terry’s head as she tries on her new clothes in the “Dressing Room” at the Fabric Market.

Who Needs a Dressing Room

4. Now, many of you may have seen our photos/videos of Nanjing Road and the hoards of people. I “stole” this photo from the blog of a fellow Canadian who is working in Shanghai. It was taken (not by him) of the Great Wall on the same week we were in Shanghai. As he said on his blog, look how far back the line goes. (Thanks Bruce – Bruce and Kim Carabine are also doing a blog on their experiences teaching, principalling and living in Shanghai. Their link is to the right, if you are interested in someone else’s perspective – not that it would be as entertaining as ours, of course. LOL)

The Great Stall of China

5. Doesn’t every free-standing 5 x 7 room need an air conditioner?

Ahhh – We finally got air conditioning, Terry.

Now back to Jiaxing

6. I was telling my sister Judith yesterday about the imported foods shelf at Walmart…

Imported Goods

7. and my brother-in-law Rick about the rice section. What do you think we are eating most of? (poor sentence construction). BTW we have been unable to locate any brown rice as of yet.

PART of the rice section

8. Is this for a powder Prickly Ash or powder from a Prickly Ash? Either way, it is Great Value!

Prickly Ash Powder

9. Doesn’t everyone sell/buy their eggs in the produce section, unrefrigerated?

Eggs? Yes, they’re next to the cauliflower…

10. And finally, a contest with two possible winners. This is the sign for an actual business here in Jiaxing. 1. What kind of business do you think this is? First correct answer gets a prize. 2. The most creative “business” also gets a prize, so get those entries in by midnight (GMT) Friday, October 19, 2012.

The name says it all?????

 (Ed. notes: Re: F@#$ing Finally!! My pal Roger suggested that next time I make a video, I do slower panning (that’s a technical photography term) when doing it. A very good point indeed. No excuses, but I wasn’t sure how the people being “filmed” would react. They seemed to be just fine with it so the next time I will make sure I slow down. I really do appreciate the constructive feedback and look forward to more from all of my fans – as well as the rest of you. Enjoy the bridge games. Also, Terry and I really appreciate the comments – it’s nice to know people are actually reading this. The more comments, the more motivated we are.)

7 thoughts on “Some Interesting Photos

  1. Peter Therrien

    OK, I’ve sent you a bunch of emails to your old address with no response. Yes, we are reading the blogs and looking at the pics, with many ‘told you so’s’, especially the walking and driving.

  2. Wendy and Russ Wilson

    Hi Terry and Geoff Love all the info you send our way. Your video of the crowds was fine only abit wobbly, and I did feel slightly seasick, but was able to finish watching it with my seabands on. Regarding the “fishing sign”, my guess is that they are advertising for fishing fles. And the rotating beans will surely “catch” the interest of any fish going by. ?? Maybe. Take care of yourselves.

  3. Wendy and Russ Wilson

    Re reading my comment this am, I did mispell fly, or plural, flies. Also, want to comment on the people on the Great Wall. Thousands lined up. What happens if someone needs to “get back to their car” in a hurry?? With me being only 5’2″, I would REALLY feel claustrophobic. Glad that you two are tall and can see where you are going, in any crowd. Wendy

  4. Lois Marsden

    Agree with Wendy re the claustrophobic feeling. Maybe they don’t have pickpockets or slightly addled people in stress on their trains and roads . What happens in the crowds if someone faints? They would never hit the floor and who would know. Amazing. Shows the human being can adapt to anything…crowds, loss of territorial space, foods to eat, languages that make no sense to you…Have fun and thanks for sharing. The sign: it is promoting those toy beans that flop around by themself…try and fish them out of a barrel with 8,000,000 people pushing you or standing next to your ear. Regards. Lois and Gerry

  5. Ray Kinasewich

    Ray & Diane Kinasewich are really enjoying each posting and looking forward to the next one everything is interesting I can not believe the crowds keep up the good work


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