Fun at school

First, an amendment to the opera story:  two of the things that was very well done were the music and sound effects corresponding to the motions on stage, or vice versa.  For example, when the son snaps his head one way or another, it corresponds perfectly to a clash of symbols (I use the term ‘clash’ advisedly).  All through the fight scenes, the cymbals and other loud-noise-making instruments were perfectly coordinated to the motions of the actors on stage, so perfectly, in fact, that it was impossible to tell who was following the other’s cues.  Brilliant.

Fun this week at school as Geoff is having students research and write about Hallowe’en.  They know nothing about it.  Yesterday, Geoff and I tracked down a few pumpkins at a market to try to find some that might work for Jack-o-lanterns.  I carved one at home and brought it to school.  The kids were fascinated.  They kept filing in to my office to have a look at it, ask questions about how I made it, what we did with them, did we eat them later?  It is going to be great fun having them make their own lanterns at our class party on the 31st.  Meanwhile, our poor janitor remains completely perplexed by this carved pumpkin I have on my desk.  It’s been there two days and each time he picks it up and studies it, then looks at me quizzically.  I say it’s for Hallowe’en but of course he doesn’t have any idea what I’m saying.    Lots of fun!

There’s additional excitement at the school because this Sunday and Monday there is some sort of Sports Day or Track Meet, we’re not entirely sure.  What we do know is that the kids are busy practicing everything from dance routines to class speeches and cheers.  There will be some sporting events but I don’t think those will be the highlights of the day.  We attend both days then get Tuesday off as the kids get to go home Monday afternoon for a night and a day.  They return and we begin Hallowe’en preparations.  How much excitement can one person stand?  It’s going to be great fun with pumpkin carving, spooky bingo, decorations, games, tricks and treats.  I feel like I did when my kids were little and we dressed them up and went out for the first few times.  It will be so interesting to see if the kids actually come up with costumes.

Remember I said it never ceases to amaze?  I saw a classic tonight on the walk home:  scooter; foot well contains 3 large boxes and the legs of the young female driver.  Her mother or mother-in-law is on the back holding a new-born or pretty close to it.  The young woman is driving with one hand as she talks on a cell phone with the other.  What, me worry?  To be fair, she had slowed down.  I’ll let you know when my mouth stops dropping open.

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