On the road again

Hi all. Well, this weekend we are on the road again. Terry is off to a principal’s conference just outside of Suzhou (about an hour from here) and I am off to wander the streets of Shanghai. Saturday, Terry will join me in Shanghai and on Sunday we are going to the BMW Masters Golf Tournament. Should be good. I will be in black shorts and a bright orange Pitt Meadows golf shirt- watch for us. If it is like a lot of other golf tournaments over here, there aren’t usually the numbers of people attending like there is in the US. We’ll try and get in front of a camera.
Anyway, before we take off for the weekend, I thought I would share some photos I have taken “on the road” in Jiaxing, as I make my daily treks.

Photo 1 – Just outside our door and the elevator is this one. Although the inside of our apartment is fine, it is a bit disconcerting to see this each time you step off the elevator. We think it is caused by the humidity during the summer. It is not unusual in buildings around here. It is hard to see the bubbling plaster, but I don’t think the black is mold….

Humidity? What Humidity?

Photo 2 – This is one method of transportation which apparently hasn’t caught on yet, since this is the only one I have seen in all my travels here. Perhaps, if I can’t have a scooter, I could get one of these.

Photo 3 – We have two entrances/exits to our complex. Each of them is staffed at any given time with 3-4 guards. Their job, as far as I can tell is to say hello and raise and lower the gate.

We stand on guard for thee

Photo 4 – On Tuesday  Terry had the day off and we wandered around. This fellow was very friendly – trying to sell his wares to anyone – us, passing pedestrians, restaurants, whoever  – until I went to take his photo – then it was “No No”. Unfortunately, I had already taken it and couldn’t delete it. So sorry.

Fresh Duck, Live Pheasant

Photo 5 – Okay, so this doesn’t look like much, but I took it almost for what it doesn’t show. These two buses are both the K97 bus which runs basically from our house to the train station – about a 40 minute ride. Now, seeing two is not unusual, but more often than not, there are three, four or even five – all the K97. Think about it, if they have a schedule to keep, so that if you want to be picked up somewhere on the route, how can they all be sitting here at once? I can only surmise that there really is no schedule. Sometimes you see the driver lying in the aisle of his bus, having a nap!


Photo 6 – This is typical of the sidewalks in Jaixing. In the middle is a section of about 16″ which is a different texture or brick. We are told that it is to help the visually impaired individuals (although I have yet to see one) negotiate. This is fine until they get to, say a large 3 foot square planter which has been put right in the middle of their walk way. Yes, it happens.

Help for the Visually Impaired

Photo 7 – One wouldn’t want to use a large corner display window to focus on a few specific items. It is far better to just pack it with a massive number of products, don’t you think?

Now there’s a display window

Photo 8 – In Jaixing, and I assume elsewhere, when large construction projects go on, the workers are housed on site in these blue “dormitories”. They are kind of like portables at schools in that once the project is finished they are moved to other sites. This one however wasn’t moved. It is right under a major bridge across the Jiaxing River (that is the bridge deck just above the roof). People are actually living here – you can see the satellite dish and the laundry hanging out and I saw a woman going in. I can’t imagine the darkness and the noise.

“Our House is a very, very, very nice house  – with two cats in the yard and a bridge on the roof”

Photo 9 – And finally, I don’t know a lot about construction (okay, I know nothing), but I do think that if anyone wants this building finished before it falls down, they will need more than two people working on it. That is all there were – and one of them was doing some kind of washing. The other day I saw three people on the beams at the top. Construction is very eerie here. Rarely do you hear noise from a site – you assume something is going on because the entrances to the sites are open and you can see a few people there but compared to what you hear at home, it is like a tomb. I had more noise in my classrooms than here on a job site.

Building a Highrise

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