It was a dark and stormy…

It was a dark and stormy night. The old couple were weary from their many escapades and neither needed, nor wanted, any further adventures. They had spent the previous two days in the big city. They had supped at Starbucks (not an establishment known for its Friday evening cuisine) prior to attending a Rock andContinue reading “It was a dark and stormy…”

Housekeeping (and a little more)

As we travel around, we see things that really don’t merit an entire post, but that generate a second look from us. We have gathered these together and today they are combined into one posting. (Ed. note: In the Sun, one of the sports writers called them “items that might make it into an articleContinue reading “Housekeeping (and a little more)”

In the Wrong Profession?

This morning as I left our complex and began my walk to work, I noticed that a handful of the boulevard trees had lost their yellow leaves—all of their leaves, at once.  What strange phenomena had caused this, I wondered.   How could it be that while most of the trees still held leaves, these seeminglyContinue reading “In the Wrong Profession?”

Another Weekend, Another Adventure

What a weekend!  We woke up Saturday morning to blue skies and sunny weather.  So gorgeous! I apologize for the anti-climax of the arrival of my eliptical machine.  It was purely Geoff:  I don’t think of it as a toy but rather a necessity to combat the physical discomfort my body has undergone since I’veContinue reading “Another Weekend, Another Adventure”


Okay folks, first of all, the entire time it was being made functional, she was in the bathroom, either to maximize the surprise factor of what it would look like so that she wouldn’t get in the way of the installer she wanted to clean the tub/bathroom and she really doesn’t give a rat’s patuttiContinue reading “TERRY’S NEW TOY!! (PART 2)”