Our Sunday Action

Today Princess and I went for a long walk. It was a gorgeous November day – got up to about 65 (in the sun – cooler in the shade). We started our day (as every day) at Starbucks. This was Terry’s first experience at ordering and waiting at the counter at our local. It takes a good 10 – 15 minutes to get your order processed if there is even one person ahead of you in line – even though there can be up to 6 people behind the counter. Yesterday when we went in, my friend Amy (a young barista unrelated to Jennifer) gave us a box of sweets. How to describe them. Dense, thick, sweetish bread-like texture. Flavour? Chinese. They come in a block, but they are in slices approximately 1/8″ and 1″ x 2″ and there are three different types. It was very sweet of her to share it with us. She had ridden her bike the day before for four hours to get 5 of these “blocks”.

A favoured gift

After our coffee, we started off downtown in search of wooden slats. Yesterday we bought a new mattress, but it is too large for our bed frame and hangs over the edges by about 6″ on either side. We have to buy new slats so that it doesn’t wind up sagging. No problem – just go to Home Depot -right? Wrong. We went to three different places which sold wooden furniture and tried to get across with pictures, translation and gestures what we wanted. No luck. Then we went to the store where we got the mattress – they wanted to sell us a bed frame that cost almost as much as the mattress – or a box spring with wheels for only $200. No dice. Terry is determined to get the wooden slats and will talk to Vice-Principal Zhao, who bought the present one, tomorrow at school.

Then off to the “Beauties’ – the old, original (redundant?) Jiaxing. We had barbecued squid on a (what else) skewer. The first one, which had Mongolian spices on it was so good we went back and got another one – but by then they had moved on and had teriyaki sauce on them. Disappointing, but still quite good.

Squid on a Stick

While we enjoyed this we watched a mime, well, not really a mime, although he didn’t speak (unlike the girls next to us). Listen and watch (20 seconds only). Like the painted overcoat?

Then we wandered down through the garden shop area. Now, we bought the “stick”, which looks really good in the pictures the guy had for 20 yuan ($3.60 – hopefully it will grow into something fabulous)(Ed. Note: Bottle of Mouton Cadet is shown for size reference only). The Hyacinth plant with the glass vase was 15 yuan ($2.50) and the Mother-in-Law plant with pot was 110 yuan ($18.60 – granted, it was another 20 yuan to have it delivered, but really….).

Our Beautiful “Stick”

Our Blue Hyacinth (noted by blue dot in water)

Our Mother-in-Law Plant

From there we went to the local department store for our Sunday Chocolate/Vanilla twist ice cream cone (10 yuan) and watched the people getting their shoes shined – no wonder I can’t find polish for my green runners!

Shine, Mister?

Now we are home, waiting for the hour to tick over to 4 so that we can have a glass of vino and for Terry to make another incredible dinner!

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