Update!! Update!!

Okay folks, I know many, if not all of you have been wondering about Sour Lady and her refusal, inability unwillingness (yes, let’s go with unwillingness) to smile. Well today may have shed some light on it. Yesterday she was nowhere to be seen, which is unusual. Today I saw her boyfriend/husband/partner arriving by car and she was walking up from the other direction. Hmm, I thought. They never stay, just get their coffee, get back in their car and go. However, they came in, got their coffees and sat down and had a very quiet conversation (remind anyone else of Universality of Relationships). After about 15 minutes, he got up, went out, got in the car and left. She sat there for another half hour and I could see her crying at different times. She then got her coat, hat and gloves on and went out. She wandered back and forth for about half an hour but no boyfriend. There is a hotel just around the corner in the direction she came from and finally wandered off in. Seems like Starbucks might be the local break up joint! Stayed tuned for more drama. (Maybe if she had smiled more often… just saying.)

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