Adventure at home

The old man patiently waited for his wife. She had been out all day, toiling at her place of work but had told the old man to be ready, that when she came home they would go to the market for supplies. He was excited. When the old woman came in, she put some of her belongings on the table and changed out of her work attire. Knowing that they would be purchasing some bulky items, the old man wisely grabbed the cart they used, leaving his daily back pack at home and off they went. They were successful in their search for various kinds of paper products and returned home, eager to dine on their food stuffs. As they approached the door to their humble abode, the old woman looked perplexed as she rummaged through her bag. The old man looked at her, with some growing apprehension.

“I don’t have my keys” she said.

“Neither do I” he lamented “What shall we do?”

“I will call my supervisor from work, Mr. Zhao” the old woman replied. Just the night before, Mr. Zhao had told the old couple that if they ever had a problem, they were to call him – and here, less than 24 hours later they needed him. Mr Zhao soon arrived with a man who looked at the lock and told them that it was no problem – it would be open in less than 10 minutes. They were very relieved.

(Mr. Zhao explained to the old couple that he had asked at his work if there was any one there who could open the lock. When he was told no, he phoned the government. They keep a list of people who can be sent out to do different tasks if needed. The old couple assume this could be anything from plumbing to electrical work to opening doors.)

They were not so so relieved 30 minutes later, when the man still did not have it open. In every attempt, the man had been unsuccessful and did not appear to be pleased. Finally, the man changed his approach. He looked at the door and seeing a spyhole at eye level, he carefully began to unscrew it. Eventually it came out and the man put a long piece of wire through the hole, reached down with it and unhooked the handle from the inside, opening the door. The old couple were relieved – after a fashion. They knew that no one could ever break through the door via the lock – but what if someone had a coat hanger on them?

The old couple thanked the man, paid him 70 yuan ($12.00) for his hour’s work and, after their dinner, settled in for an evening of cards.

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The culprit

The culprit

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