Apple season arrives

I do enjoy Geoff’s posts, just not sure who these old people are.

In honour of Jiaxing Senior High School’s 15th Anniversary, we received today boxes of fruit. Yes, each of us received a box of apples–beautiful, colourful, crisp, tasty, juicy apples numbering 72 per box. I happen to love apples when they are good, won’t eat them at all if they are soft, woody or tasteless, so fortunately, I will enjoy these. But can I eat 72 before they lose their crispness? That’s a lot of apples, even if one a day does wonders, and although Geoff has discovered the joys of non-animal, non- white foods, he will be hard-pressed to eat even one layer of his box. So, once again we will be looking for opportunities to re-gift. We can’t give them to students because the two other teachers also received a box each and they are going to leave most of them in the classrooms for the students to eat. Our Mah Jong players are out of sight for the winter so they’re no good. Tina and her mom next door can count on some and perhaps Tina’s friends when they come to a dinner and poker night in a week. We will still be left with a boatload of apples.

These are the third gifts of fruit we’ve received from the school this year. It really is a lovely gesture and most everyone else will have family locally with whom to share. We did ask Daisy earlier to let the powers that be know that we can’t eat more than one box of anything (exception: Purdy’s chocolates). I guess she forgot but I bet she remembered as soon as she saw the apple truck pull up!

I have had a busy few weeks. With preparation for the inspection last Monday, then the actual inspection and attendant meetings, lunches and dinners, plus the follow-up now, things have been hectic. I’m developing a list of 100 books for young adults to start our BC Program library and having to vet each one for sex, drugs and riotous behaviour. It takes time. Add to that the Chinese school principal has demands of his own and wants us to do a month-long focus on vocabulary. David and I sat down to put that plan together this afternoon and will send it off to Mr. Xu to show him we have taken his suggestion/edict. Had a long conversation with John Simpson, my BC rep, to follow up on the inspection and what further steps need to be taken, then discussed ideas with the teachers. All this while Janet Steffanhagen writes disparagingly about off-shore programs.

Looking forward to another nice day tomorrow, with more clear blue skies and sunny but cold weather. For some reason a husband and wife team seemed to be outside our building today working on the air conditioners. Go figure.

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