Shanghai with Ken (Part 1)

It is interesting being in Shanghai with Ken – and seeing it for the first time for a second time. The two of us came in Thursday so that he could get his first batch of clothes from the fabric market and see if he wanted to order more while he is here. In fact, he was very pleased. For less than his allotted duty free amount he got 2 suits, 2 pairs of cords, a tuxedo, an overcoat and two pairs of jeans. (Granted, it isn’t a lot less than his duty free amount, but still…). I don’t know how they make any money, but then again here is a picture of Judy’s on Saturday when we went to pick them up.

Perhaps it is volume - and Ken is in the change room behind the mirror.

Perhaps it is volume – and Ken is in the change room behind the mirror.

Thursday evening Ken and I went out for a lovely 12th anniversary dinner to Tasty’s. It is a nice restaurant on the fifth floor of a 10 floor shopping mall across from People’s Square. Now I mention this because we had difficulty finding it and finally asked one of the salespeople, who asked a second salesperson, who asked a third salesperson, who asked a fourth salesperson who walked us about twenty-five feet to the short hall where it was. Unbelievable that no one knew it was there – and it was the size of a White Spot not some little 15 seat bistro. By the way, it wasn’t Ken and my 12th anniversary (we’ve known each other for over 30 years), but Terry and my 12th wedding anniversary, but sadly she was still in Jiaxing.

Friday, while we waited for Terry to come to the big city, we wandered off to the Jiuguang Department Store next door to us. It is very – and I mean VERY expensive. This is where I saw a $400 golf shirt and we looked at various things which were generally twice as expensive as they would be in a chic shop on Robson. (That has a nice sound  – chic shop). Amazingly, however, being the bargain hunter I am, I found a cool pair of shoes marked down 50% from 1288y to only 644y or $107.33 so I bought them.

Jiuguang Department Store - all lit up for Christmas

Jiuguang Department Store – all lit up for Christmas

We then continued on down Nanjing Road to the knock-off market, where we bought the identical carry-on suitcases – but from different shops. Ken’s price started at 2750y and after some very serious bargaining got all the way down to 800y – well done, Ken. Mine started at 1500y and got all the way down to 550y. Well done Geoff! We then headed back to the hotel to meet up with Terry.

Friday evening we went to the Ritz-Carlton, one of the few places outwardly decorated for Christmas, for a pre-dinner drink.  Terry had wine, Ken – a dry martini and I had a Smoky Martini. Now other than the Vesper Martini (from Casino Royale) I have limited experience with martinis – but not with whisky. This was made with Russian Vodka, Single Malt Whisky and Vermouth. It was FANTASTIC! I have searched all other the net for a recipe for us to try but only come up with gin based and not the addition of vermouth. The closest I can come is 50 ml of gin (substitute very cold Russian vodka), 10 ml Laphroaig (MUST be smoky but not overpowering – thus Laphroaig) and a splash of vermouth. I will be looking to buy all these ingredients in the very near future and experimenting to get the perfect ratios – I will let you know. Please feel free to try on your own and let me know how they work out. From there it was off to Simply Thai for another wonderful dinner.

Ritz-Carlton Portman - All wrapped up for Christmas

Ritz-Carlton Portman – All wrapped up for Christmas

9 thoughts on “Shanghai with Ken (Part 1)

  1. Val Goodridge

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope you celebrated in style once Terry arrived in Shanghai.

  2. Barb

    Happy New Year from Daytona Florida….congrats on your anniversary and Geoff, practice with those martinis…they are my favorite drink and am looking forward to sharing one with you in just 2 and a half months…we are enjoying our time in Florida with lots of relaxation and sun.

  3. joan

    Happy New Year Geoff, Terry and Ken and Happy Anniversary Geoff and Terry! Dennis was very interested in your new recipe for the martini. Do you think Ardmore scotch would suffice?

  4. Judith

    Happy Anniversary (12?!, really!?) AND Happy New Year…..we’re just coming out of a week long and I mean looooooong minus 25 C Christmas week. One of those martinis would have made the housebound week more bearable!
    Love to you both, Judith & Rick


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