Spring in Jiaxing — Holiday time!

It feels like spring has sprung here in Jiaxing.  The temperature today reached 20C, balmy and clear; the same is forecast for tomorrow.  Gets colder on Saturday again, which is really the more typical weather for this time of year.  We are loving every minute of it, de-layering and spending more time outside. We spentContinue reading “Spring in Jiaxing — Holiday time!”

Selections from Starbucks (Like I Go Anywhere Else)

First of all a brief rant. You know, after I retired and spent most of the year at the golf course, I could tell when school was out for the summer, since all the juniors started showing up, and to be honest it didn’t really bother me. However, now that I spend my mornings inContinue reading “Selections from Starbucks (Like I Go Anywhere Else)”

Warning: This Post is X-Rated

There were three events this week, which need to be aired out, but please don’t let your children read this. #1. On Monday of this week I was sitting in Starbucks, working on some Photoshop posters for the children at school and Principal Xu. As usual, as people walk by the window and stare, IContinue reading “Warning: This Post is X-Rated”

Wasn’t that a party!

Saturday night and our presence was required at the school cafeteria for the annual Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year) dinner at 5:18 precisely.  Why this time?  Many, many traditions occur because the sounds of some words are similar to other words, which have a positive meaning.  So for example, the word for fish–yu–sounds theContinue reading “Wasn’t that a party!”