Shanghai Calling (with a bit of Jiaxing too!)

(Ed. note: The following guest posting is from Ken. It has not been edited in any way (okay, I did add the name of the Italian restaurant, but that was all) and while the management does not necessarily agree with his comments and takes no responsibility for them, neither does it necessarily disagree with them.)

Knee-how (Hello!).

What an amazing two weeks I have had with Geoff and Terry! I highly recommend it!

We spent a long weekend in Shanghai, then four days at their home in Jiaxing and then another long weekend back in Shanghai. The hotel in Shanghai was top notch for $105 including breakfast – five star, great location.

The Shanghai sights were amazing – the Shanghai Art Museum and Shanghai Museum were world class, and could have taken much longer than the few hours we spent there. The Circus breathtaking, and dinner beforehand a cultural experience. The Urban Planning Museum provided an overview of the city. YuYuan Gardens were an oasis in the city.

The last few days were warmer and sunny so the World Financial Center, with the highest observatory deck in the world, on the 100th floor, provided stunning views. Of course, the bar at the Ritz Carleton on only the 52nd floor wasn’t too shabby either.

Shanghai has evolved to a world class city but the roots were evident in the Propaganda Poster Museum and in our visit to the Revolutionary Memorial Hall in Jiaxing. It was fun visiting Terry’s school, meeting some of the teachers and hanging out with Geoff at his table in Starbucks.

I wrote reviews of most of these on TripAdvisor too.

It was colder than expected (but don’t be deterred — they are getting an industrial-strength heater for their apartment — so my whining does work!) and some rain –- essentially Vancouver weather but a bit colder.

The clothes were  pretty amazing. Did I really buy all of those made-to-measure suits, cords, jeans, shirts, tuxedo, overcoat for less than my customs limit? Plus the extra suitcase needed to cart it all back?

Did I mention the food? Wonderful Chinese and Thai restaurants, and Settebello (Italian) for New Year’s eve.

Best of all of course was the visit with two wonderful friends. If they stay a second year, I’ll be back again – perhaps in February 2014 for travel elsewhere in Asia or perhaps another few weeks in Shanghai. We really just scratched the surface.

Shee-shee (Thank you!).

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  1. Ken Haycock

    What a wonderful time! If you are even mildly contemplating a visit –go! Now in Beijing airport awaiting flight to Vancouver. A great Christmas in a magnificent city with exceptional hosts.

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