And On the 127th Day There Was Heat…

Isn't She a Beauty!

Isn’t She a Beauty!

As Terry said in previous last blog, the heater had arrived and was being installed. Today we have regular heat where we can set the temperature and it warms up the apartment – well the living/dining room at least. The bedrooms still need their own heaters but at least we are warm when we are at home. Additionally, I used the cardboard to cover the windows in “Ken’s” room so it isn’t so much of an ice chest when we go in there.

Now, before you watch the accompanying video, I need to provide some background information:

  1. We are on the ninth (9th) Floor,
  2. The installers had planned on getting to our apartment by 4:30, but got held up on another job and arrived at 6,
  3. It was bloody cold – and windy – outside,
  4. We waited until Ken had left to get it installed,
  5. Terry was more worried about the installation than the installers (listen for her audible gasp),
  6. I think I am really strong in my left arm, and the filming MUST go on (watch for my reflection),
  7. I have edited it down from 30 minutes to under 5 – and well worth every second,
  8. As usual, I recommend you start the video, go away for coffee and come back in 10 minutes and rerun it to avoid the stopping and starting. (Just wondering if that works from your end – could someone let me know, please.)


9 thoughts on “And On the 127th Day There Was Heat…

  1. Peter Therrien

    That boy sure had a —-load of confidence in those two little brackets! Videoas are not a problem to view as is, with no wait.

  2. pkintzinger

    No problem seeing the video at this end – you’re getting pretty good at this, Geoff. It was a shocking display – would that fellow (and the one he tied himself to) have no idea whatever how pointless that exercise was? If he hadn’t dragged his anchor out the window, it would have been through it. Don’t think I could’ve watched.

  3. Kelly

    That’s horribly frightening!!! Can you imagine that being just part of the job!?! For those of us who focus a little too much on “What ifs…” Cripes!!! Thank goodness everything turned out okay.

  4. Barb

    Wow!!! I am just so happy that you have heat….and what a scene to watch…the video workded just great…and once again, The Jiaxing Express is better than the Province newspaper in the morning…especially as I sit on my patio in Daytona, Florida with the waves, good coffee and the sunshine…one more sleep and we head home…had a fabulous 3 hour tour yesterday at the Daytona racetrack…most enjoyable.

  5. Val Goodridge

    Amazing to watch. They must have nerves of steel. It reminded me of watching a crew build an apartment block in Mexico. Every cinder block was hauled up by hand, tied to a rope. No problem with any of your videos, just click play and away they go.

  6. lois marsden

    Wait till I show this to my sister who works with Worksafe BC!! She may go into cardiac arrest!!! No fear shown! Amazing!

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