Photo Collage – Sort Of

Today we bring you a variety of photos from around Shanghai and Jiaxing.

Copy Cat

Crowing Rooster

Okay, this photo is actually taken off the Internet. However, I think it is close enough to the one which has entered our neighbourhood in the last few weeks. Now, when I sit on the couch during the day – at ANY time during the day, I can hear him crowing on one side of the apartment and the damn dog barking on the other side. I don’t know which one I would like to kill more – although I could eat the rooster, I guess.


Yesterday at about 1:00 we took down the recycling from the heater (cardboard box) and remnants of Ken’s visit. When we went back down 10 minutes later (literally), the box for the heater AND the box for the bottles were gone – just not the bottles. The bottles must be someone else’s job, Terry thinks.


Okay, do you remember the days when you had to suck up the courage to ask the pharmacist for condoms? Well, now you get them at the checkout counter at Walmart.

Shanghai World Financial Tower

Once again the view from the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Tower – just for you Karen.

Snow on the Lions

We woke up on December 30th to see snow on the Lions – granted it was at Jing’an Temple and not in West Vancouver, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Meet in Care

This was on an open staircase at the Jiaxing Grand Theatre. I assume they mean that if you walk into this we will meet at the hospital?

The Bag

These are the bags you get at many of the Fabric Market shops. It says: Welcome to Shanghai. Evaded affection. Pieces of pieces of the heart. Thank you Very much. Anyone want to offer opinions on the middle two phrases?


The security sign at the entrance to the fabulous Shanghai Museum. We weren’t sure whether or not #3 meant you could or couldn’t get in. Also, as per #6, I guess if you didn’t bring your passport you couldn’t get your things back.


Good to know.

ExitWe had a great breakfast at Mr. Pancake House on Dec. 31st. (Well it was great except they brought me bacon instead of sausage and when I asked about it, they just said that that was what the waiter entered into the computer and so too bad….). Anyway, other than the front door, this is the only Exit from the restaurant. The problems are:

  1. There is a fixed banquette in front of the door,
  2. The door opens inwardly,
  3. The top of the door is higher than the brown beam.

Other than that, an excellent fire escape door.

And finally, I have no idea.


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  1. lois marsden

    Re the pieces of pieces of heart and what it means…what about …leftovers from the market meat sales for treats…OR a welcome to all who are cheating on their spouses…a piece of their heart…Perhaps I should just return to the golf course. Doesn’t anyone have an English dictionary?


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