From the Frivolous to the…

It is kind of a quiet day around here, (I am feeling a little melancholic about the Brian Burke firing), so I have been playing around with Adobe Photoshop. The first photo is one of two license plates. The upper one is the standard Chinese license plate – the symbol on the left is for Jiaxing and then just the numbers. The lower one is quite unique – I guess it is the Chinese version of a personalized plate. It was on the front and the back of the Porsche.

License Plates

This next set is from the building which houses Krabi Restaurant. I guess they are doing some renovations on the fourth floor of the building. The upper photo is about 1/3 of what the eventual pile became while the lower photo is one of the THREE women who brought out all the debris via their wheelbarrows. While some may decry the lack of relationship egalitarianism in North America, I say more power to the older women of China!


Now for some insight into where we are getting our food. Since the weather has turned colder, the common fly has disappeared. Thus we are pushing the boundaries of where we get our meat and fish. We have tried pork (Monday), lamb (last night – check out the hoof) and tonight it will be fish from the market where we get our fabulous vegetables (never thought I would write those words sequentially). Must say that the fish was fresh – it was still jumping around when she was gutting it.


Our last photo comes courtesy of Terry. She was on the bus to the train station and saw the yellow sign in the background – it says “Princess Greedy” – good name for a store, don’t you think. Anyway, when she saw the photo she was quite disappointed in how it turned out – until she realized what the woman in the car was doing and then she howled with laughter. Yes, she really is. Caught, for all time. Now if we only knew who she was…

Nose Job

Normally, I would stay until next time, but I am about to share some more photos with you.

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