Age Old Questions

Good morning all and a Happy Monday to you too. Today we are taking a philosophical outlook in our attempt to answer some of life’s mysteries – some answers to age old questions, if you will.

First up – Which came first – the chicken or the egg? We aren’t sure, but at RT Mart on Saturday this wonderful women would only sell us 21 eggs in a bag – despite all our attempts to get only 6.


Next – Is there such a thing as a free lunch? Well, on Friday night at Auchon Food Mart all the people standing in the cold holding out their hands to this woman who was talking a mile a minute about something (shades of the barkers at the PNE) seemed to think so.


Our next mystery – Does Christmas only come once a year? Well, we think so – and apparently the people of Jiaxing wish to start celebrating it early. Look carefully at the date at the top of the banner – and we don’t recall seeing these before – they are just outside Starbucks – likely we would have noticed.


Our fourth question – Is cleanliness next to Godliness? The Chinese, not necessarily known for their strong Christian religious beliefs, do think that it is important to empty the canals around Jiaxing, pick out all the refuse which has settled to the bottom of the water, but on the top of 12 inches of boot sucking mud and then pressure blast the mud for some reason.


And finally, Do full 5 gallon water bottles bounce when they are dropped from a height of three feet and hit a marble floor? I can say, with much certainty, that the answer is NO. And thus began my Monday morning…


1 thought on “Age Old Questions

  1. Judith

    0000h, I hope the rest of your week is better than the beginning! That’s a LOT of water!

    21 eggs!?you’d wonder what it was about that number…that was the last she had and wanted to get home? she misread the 12 on an imported carton of eggs?
    grocery shopping will be so mundain and predictable when you’re back in Canada!


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