Oh No!

Krabi Thai is no more!  We headed over this evening craving their unbelievable mussels and possibly their green curry hot pot, walked in and discovered that the restaurant was in the middle of a makeover.  The floor was ripped up, the kitchen gone, a new wall where there was not one before.  Looked like new tables among the mess but hard to say.  We have no idea if they are remodeling or are permanently gone.  What happened to the floor show?  What will happen to our Filipino friends, singing into the kitchen utensils?  We were completely saddened and disheartened, but still hungry.   So, says Geoff, let’s go up to the 4th flour and eat there.

Well, it looked like a great place, very nice entry and a plethora of staff to greet us.  One fellow led us down a maze of corridors, all looking unpopulated.  Eventually we arrived at a small room where he opened the door and showed us massage loungers.  Ooops!  Wrong place!  We turned on our heals and beat a hasty retreat.

As it happened, a new Chinese restaurant had announced its opening just last night with a huge fireworks display that we could see clearly from our deck.  So we set off again, this time to Jiang Nan Spring No. 2.

First impressions:  nice job!  Great work on the multi-layered ceilings and display cabinets; nice looking tables, decor and kitchen.  Second impression:  smokers at the first table which we were seated beside.  We move over.  Okay, now order.  Up we went to look at the samples and pictures, ordered eggplant, fried new potatoes (squished flat and salted), plus a bean and beef dish.  The verdict:  ho hum.  didn’t like the eggplant at all, which was overcooked and served in a bowl with a green vegetable of some sort, possibly spinach, seriously overcooked, which had leached a surfeit of green juices into the serving bowl.  Geoff summed up:  it tastes green.  Enough said.  Potatoes were yummy and the beans were good but the beef scant and no particular flavourings to set either off.   One large beer to split and the bill was Y72, about $12, opening special.  Will we be back?  No.  Instead we will be doing a special dance every night to lure Krabi back to its renovated space.

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  1. Barb

    What a dissapointment when your tastebuds were already for Mussells. Take care, nice to hear from you. Cheers Barb


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