Selections from Starbucks (Like I Go Anywhere Else)

First of all a brief rant. You know, after I retired and spent most of the year at the golf course, I could tell when school was out for the summer, since all the juniors started showing up, and to be honest it didn’t really bother me. However, now that I spend my mornings in the confined space of Starbucks, I am not pleased that school appears to be out for Spring Festival, since all the mothers are now bringing their kids to play at Starbucks while the dutifully ignore them as they run around screaming. Thank God we are off to Thailand on Friday. Okay, that’s over. Now on to some interesting photos.

New Table and Chairs

New Table and Chairs

Here is one of the four new tables and accompanying chairs just delivered to Starbucks. The delivery guy is quite upset that the manager is upset. I don’t blame him. After all, is it his fault all the tops got scratched when they took them out of the van, tuned the tops upside down on the bricks and screwed the legs in? Did she expect them to put a blanket or something down? C’mon. Well now, tables are going back – and the chairs too even as I write. Wait – the chairs are coming back in! Too much fun!

Okay then, here is one more photo from Starbucks – where, in China, you can get cucumber flavoured potato chips, stinky tofu and garlic coffee. Well maybe not garlic coffee, but it sure looks like a garlic bulb to me. What a pour.
Garlic Coffee
Friday night we went into Shanghai and had dinner at Mekong River, a Vietnamese restaurant. It was hen hao, very good. One of the dishes was absolutely fabulous. It was green beans with black beans, peanuts and chili peppers – 19 in total, I counted them.Beans
This is the bottom half of posters which display a very virile male with tousled hair in the top half. Not exactly sure what “Moving Rubber” is, though.Moving Rubber

Our next photo comes from our walk through Shanghai on the way to the Fabric Market. I can only assume that even the elderly in China are set to Time Out once in a while.

Up against the wall

Terry was quite taken this time with the fact that even the Buddhists have, apparently, inculcated some capitalism into their fund raising efforts. Each of three sides of the historical Jing’an Temple has retail stores in it. The top of the store is the Temple.


And finally, do you remember Pomelo Head. Sure you do. Well, meet her twin, but larger, sister Lettuce Head.

Pomelo Head

3 thoughts on “Selections from Starbucks (Like I Go Anywhere Else)

  1. Val Goodridge

    Enjoy your holiday in Thailand. We had a great holiday there with Erin and Charles a few years ago. I will be looking forward to your blog entries.
    Right now we on on the way to Havasu for 2 months.

  2. Paul and Ingrid

    Have a wonderful time in Thailand. Really enjoying all your pics and commentary. Of course you were invited to Paul’s party!!!!


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