Reflections on Thailand and return to China

Terry here. Some of you can’t tell the difference between us as writers and you need to know that Geoff adds ed notes to his own blogs so you can’t count on that to distinguish us. Peter asked for a summary and I know Geoff has beat me to the punch but I will putContinue reading “Reflections on Thailand and return to China”

Welcome to Hua Hin…

Home to miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, thousands of multi-coloured beach umbrellas and chaise lounges, hundreds of pretty, friendly, young Thai ladies just waiting to say hi and make your acquaintance, many, many trinket sellers and acres of brown, sagging European men with a few yards of bathing material covering their nether regions.Continue reading “Welcome to Hua Hin…”

Cooking class, golf and body massage?

We were picked up at our hotel by an elderly man driving one of the many forms of transportation in Chiang Mei–a smallish truck with a covered back, without windows or doors, and lined with benched and both sides.  We’d seen many around the city but this was the first time we were in one. Continue reading “Cooking class, golf and body massage?”

There’s no Tipping like No Tipping in Thailand

Up at 6:00 am to have time for breakfast before heading off into our big adventures.  The cab picked us up at 7:30 and headed east to one of many elephant farms/tourist traps.  They have the gouging aspect down to a fine science, in spite of the stated no-tipping rule.  The cabby took us toContinue reading “There’s no Tipping like No Tipping in Thailand”