Canal in a Long Boat

With the Academy Awards coming up, we present for your consideration a docudrama in the category Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject). We eschewed the opportunity to shoot in Kodak’s “ESTAR” (ie IMAX) format with 6 channel DTS audio, choosing instead to shoot the entire film on an HTC One phone to provide the more grittier feel it achieves, with a budget of 1200 baht (cost of ride). The film was condensed from a ride of one hour and actual filming of 38 minutes to just 7:53. The occasional jerkiness was intentional (Roger) to show how the long boat bounced along in the water/wake of other long boats. With a minimum of dialogue, the film focuses instead on how some people in Bangkok live along the canals adjacent to the Chao Phraya River. The entire cast and crew wish to thank the two Thai girls who aided in the filming by feeding the fish. The sound you hear is actually the sound of the engine at varying speeds. The speed of the film has not been adjusted in any way; it was simply how fast the driver went. The videographer made every effort to focus on what was ahead of them, despite any dangers he may have encountered. We believe this film deserves the title of Best Documentary (Short Subject). Enjoy (when your have 7:53 to waste).

5 thoughts on “Canal in a Long Boat

  1. Mal

    Good video, thought I was on the Adventureland ride at Disneyland. Did you ask your driver to kick it up to warp speed near the end of the video?

  2. Dave Mickie

    Gets my vote, especially due to the verbal restraint of the videographer. One question, did you ask if the large pipe running alongside the canal sometimes in the water, another high up so a boat could pass underneath, was for fresh water or sewage?

  3. Judith

    Loved the “bird song” in the background……very ‘tropical’. Good thing you have the video … travelling at that speed you wouldn’t be able to remember much!

    1. Petra

      Hey, that was really interesting. I would enjoy that experience. I like the editorial comment “Sure, buy it!” You’ll be working forever! Wish I was there (not that there’s anything wrong with here!)


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