The Butterfly Effect

Or Geoff’s random thoughts to end the week and to begin the month.

Saturday morning at Starbucks, while Terry attends a parent meeting at the school from 9:30 to 10:30. (Okay so we are a 10 minute walk from school and it is now 11:15 and no Terry – that is dedication!)

March – is it the end of Winter or the start of Spring? In Jiaxing it appears that it is the end of winter since yesterday was a cold rainy, mixed with snow, day and today is a bundled up in heavy coats, scarves and gloves day. Or maybe it is just the fact that we decided to stay and now we are seeing the real weather – kind of like when you finally buy those demo clubs.

Hear it is monsooning at home…

Finally got hit by a motorcycle – but it was my fault (?).  As I stepped off the curb and into the crosswalk I was watching the approaching traffic on my left. What a fool – I should have been looking to my right where the motorcycle was approaching in the oncoming traffic lane. What was I thinking? Luckily he only brushed me and was able to give me a look like it was my fault. I, of course, was subdued but gracious in my apology. (Ricky, think of the guy on the phone on Granville. LOL BTW Red shirts and pink hats don’t go together.) I wish I had had this guy with me! The Look

We are excited to learn that there are two more English speakers coming to Jiaxing. Andy and Cheryl have been following the blog and are moving here in July. The great thing is that we don’t know Andy and Cheryl or where they live, but they are coming to teach and drink coffee at Starbucks. Looking forward to meeting you two!

Terry also interviewed two young women the other night via Skype for two positions at the school. They sounded like a couple of highly competent, dynamic and fun young ladies. What a world we live in – both parties at home relaxing. Remember the days of suits and ties and nerves while you sat outside an office waiting to go in and watched your competition come out with huge smiles on their faces? Anyway, hopefully Danielle and Becky said yes to John!! If not, I will hunt them down…(No pressure ;-))

Here’s an interesting piece of news for you. We have organized Krabi Restaurant to deliver lunch each day to the school for Terry and the boys. It will be a different menu each day, consisting of 3 hot dishes, one cold dish and rice – all for $5.00 each. Why, you ask? Well they are tired of the food at the school (actually, “tired” isn’t the word they used – come to think of it, “food” wasn’t either).

We were at the Golden Buddha in Bangkok and so was this woman. In fact she has a picture of herself, taken by herself, on her ipad in front of the Buddha to prove it. (BTW why do people carry around an iPad as a camera? Isn’t that just a little something or other?)


Jiaxing Transit has come up with an idea to reduce costs. Perhaps Coast Mountain would like to adopt the idea. Instead of just sitting around talking to other drivers, wash your bus.Bus

Now, I freely admit that last night was my weekly re-introduction to wine, after a week of 1.5 ounces of scotch per day only, but come on. We watched Lincoln – Sally Field – nominated for best supporting actress? Based on what – two thirty second outbursts? Or was it that at 67 years of age she thought she could play someone who was 47 at the time of the film? And was that almost a costume malfunction with her nightgown? I’d hate to have seen the films where no one was good enough to get nominated. And Daniel Day Lewis – an English actor with British and Irish citizenship -really? Was Tom Cruise too busy playing Jack Reacher to take this one on?

BTW, I am going to be planting baskets on our balcony soon. What kind of flowers do well in planters in full afternoon sun? We face due west. Thanks for your input.

We appreciated all your comments on our decision to stay. Made it both easier and harder.

(Ed. note: The title of the blog is a feeble attempt at using “The Theory of Randomness”)

6 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. Peter Therrien

    My input? Plant blackberries and salal? Though designated as environmentally sensitive on many golf courses, you know damn well they’ll grow anywhere! Plus you can eat the results. God, I’m good!

    1. jan

      Petunias are the only flowering plant that will survive major heat, bloom copiously, and still give you time to visit Starbucks! All other sun tolerant plants eventually succumb to the heat. 🙂 go with a canna lily, orange flowers is my favourite, if you are thinking larger, flowering shrub! Xo

  2. Mal

    What monsoon. Arrived Hemet to sunshine and
    25 degrees. Will miss having you two here with us again.

    Grasses are a nice addition to planters, petunias and succulents all do well in sun. But keep well watered. Good luck.

  3. rich and nancy rollins

    Hi Guys: Finally got caught up on all the blogs. Got a little behind, what with the kids here. Really enjoyed all the news. Happy, for you, that you have made the decision to stay. Sad for us. We do miss you terribly, but a visit in the summer is better than nothing. We also agree that the pros do outweigh the cons. As you said, it will really set you up for an even better retirement than you already had. Wise move.With regards to the flowers facing south. I know, for sure, geraniums, marigolds, alyssum and petunias are great. Begonias hate rain, on their leaves and impatiens hate direct sun. That’s about the extent of my knowledge. I’m sure Terry knows all that, as she is a “fab” gardener.Well friends, that’s about all I know, except I am loving our time with the babies and Ange. It will certainly be deadly quiet, when they leave. Much love, Nanc

    The Rollins Family Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013 03:14:37 +0000 To:

    1. tdwatt23

      Hi Nancy. Yes, we miss you too!!! Looking forward to some quality time at the cabin, cards, fresh crab, walks and talks, and maybe some evening walks in Poco! Looking forward to seeing the babies, too. Charleigh has grown up so much already and have to be Ryleigh? Ryley?

      Lots of love, Terry

  4. lois marsden

    Geraniums and petunias but the red geraniums (good luck in China) would be easier to manage. Need watering regularly but pretty. Late responding as we were in Arizona at the Pitt Meadows golf game. Interesting read and congrats on staying another year.


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