On the Road to Veganhood

Don’t know if anyone out there has seen this, but I thought I would get it to you so you know we have.


Now, beef is out because what there is, is just too tough. Seafood is out because in Jiaxing it just doesn’t seem too appealing. According to Terry’s latest hairdresser, chicken is fed with steroids to make them grow faster. And now this, although we should be okay since the water is all flowing downstream to Shanghai – look out Bruce, Kim, Lawrence, Steve, Shelley and Rob!

Looks like it is vegetables for everyone now. Love that eggplant.

7 thoughts on “On the Road to Veganhood

  1. Okay… I watched the video and read the article while eating breakfast! Super bad idea!!!

    That’s absolutely horrifying! Prepackaged, imported foods looking pretty appealing right about now I bet.

  2. How do you feel about growing your own veggies on your balcony? using filtered water and ???what for sterile soil?

  3. Oh joy! Hope you are all on the bottled water over there. It was mentioned in the Vancouver Sun today actually also.

  4. Hello Terry and Geoff, I am currently in Beijing and will be in Shanghai in a few days. Email me your phone number and i can give you a call.

    Dave Overgaard

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