Meandering Shanghai

Here we are in Shanghai. We came in for some Cinec bonding and pro-d. Cinec is the company which owns three schools in the Shanghai vicinity – ours, Bruce and Kim Carabine’s Luwan High School and Greg Corry’s world renowned (seriously) Nanyang Model High School (better know as Nanmo). Before going any further, many thanks to owner Harvey Su for springing for all of the costs associated with the day.

Friday night we met with Bruce and Kim for appies and dinner. Sadly, they are leaving at the end of the year and we will miss them. Thanks to Kim, though, I have a new appetizer recipe.

  1. Start with cherry tomatoes.
  2. Spend time poking them with a toothpick, making sure they have lots of little holes.
  3. Lay them out in a dish – size depends on how many you poke.
  4. Cover them with vodka (we thought gin might work too).
  5. Put them in the fridge overnight.
  6. Restrain yourself when starting to indulge the next day – they are great.
  7. Serve with a variety of “dipping spices” – Kim had salt, lemon pepper, and a mild cajun spice mixture
  8. Could add them to martinis (GRRRRRRR – more on this later)

(Ed. note: From Kim: info: I used the leftover vodka from the tomato soaking for a killer pasta sauce! We still had some tomatoes left, so I chopped them up with a bunch of onions and more garlic, and cooked them up until they were soft. Then added the vodka, 1/2 a brick of cream cheese and a can of tomato paste. Turned out great! (You can also use the vodka to make a bloody Mary ).)
After these and two bottles of red wine and Terry’s white, we headed of to dinner. Now they have told us about Spicy and we had said we wanted to go so Kim tried to get a reservation. No dice – they were booked but we could go and get in line and try that way. (If you are booked, why would you suggest people come and try?) Anyway we go to the mall – yes it is in a mall and get off the escalator on the fourth floor to the restaurant and a mass of people waiting. Our wait – two hours. Yeah, right! Instead we go off to LotusLand – an Indian restaurant. It was fabulous and in a really funky area. I think we would have gotten lost without B and K! Tiny little lane ways and shops all over the place. This sign was at the entrance to the place.


Shops selling all sorts of stuff – but way overpriced. Think Gastown in its heyday.

Saturday morning and Terry goes off to the Pro-D (since I only work .3, my plan is to join them for the last hour) and I go off to Ikea. My mission is to get martini glasses for us and planters for our balcony. it is an hour and half walk. Along the way:

More Window washing. These guys were each hanging by a rope with a bucket. I wonder a) how clean that water was and b) if they had to pull themselves back up to the top.

Look closely

Look closely

Now these two cars were both parked illegally – I guess. The one on the left – the one with the ticket on the window, was one of four cars parked on a very wide sidewalk – and the only one ticketed. The one next to the hydrant was one, along with the one in front, which effectively blocked another 6 or so cars on the left from getting out of where they were parked since this street had no exit in the direction these two facing. But hell, let’s not give him a ticket.

How does this compute?

How does this compute?

Shanghai has hundred of installations all over the place of very cool sculptures. I really liked these guys.



Shanghai is nothing if not a constant contradiction. This was a set of stores which takes up an entire block. They are all VERY HIGH END kitchen stores. I would have killed for a kitchen out of any one of them when we redid ours. Right on top of these are the apartment blocks the inhabitants of which will never in their lives ever afford to even walk into one of these places, let alone own one. The little refrigerators were in the first store – they looked really cool!

The Old and The New

The Old and The New

Mini Fridges - bigger than a bar fridge, but smaller than a regular Chinese one.

Mini Fridges – bigger than a bar fridge, but smaller than a regular Chinese one.

I’m sure, you, like me, have felt like this so many times when out and about, but we just didn’t have a couch with us upon which to lay down.

I'm tired, man.

I’m tired, man.

Okay enough of all of that. On Saturday night we went out with Lawrence, Steve Henrichsen (who is still in town – sorry, inside joke), Kim and Bruce, Greg and these two – Chan and Angela. Angela is teaching Greg and Chan English. They are a pair of firecrackers. Greg is very lucky to have Chan in his life, but Kim and I decided that if the two were ever out together in a bar, they would have have the guys lined up and eating out of their hands! Better continue being a great guy, Greg!

A pair of troublemakers if ever I saw one - or two! (They were teaching me bad words all night!)

A pair of troublemakers if ever I saw one – or two! (They were teaching me bad words all night!)

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  1. Val Goodridge

    Love, love, love the fridges. Maybe you should look into becoming the Canadian distributor. Yet another career for you.


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