The Saga of Wilma and Betty (and Pebbles, Bam Bam and Dino too)

What a week this was. Last Sunday we went down to Moon River and bought some water born plants, some small white pebbles and a couple of goldfish to add to the homey ambiance of our apartment. We have a tall vase so it was a perfect home. Many people in China have the sameContinue reading “The Saga of Wilma and Betty (and Pebbles, Bam Bam and Dino too)”

Not Quite Getting the Concept…

In my wanderings I often see things that make me think that some people, somewhere just aren’t quite getting the concept. Some examples: In our complex, we live in building #1 (a highly sought after number in China, I might add). Not to be outdone, however, there is another Building #1 in our complex asContinue reading “Not Quite Getting the Concept…”

Mea Culpa, $12.50 and No Corkage

(Ed. Note: Let me begin by offering my most profound apologies to Ken and Barb. To Ken: Please accept my most sincere apology for not remembering that on January 1 you were, indeed, our first guest blogger (Shanghai Calling and a bit of Jaixing, too). Clearly, my memory is not what it once was (atContinue reading “Mea Culpa, $12.50 and No Corkage”