Even – and Odd

Some photos and reflections on life the last few days.

First of all I am on my own for the next few days. Terry is  off to Bangkok to see Jan and Peter Therrien. They were to be in Bangkok sight seeing for this past weekend on their way home from Vietnam, but Peter was experiencing a lot of pain, similar to what he had last August when they returned from Beijing  So they went to the hospital and there he has stayed until today, when he hopes to get out and spend the next couple of days at the hotel. He has been cleared (as of this writing) to fly home – but only if he can get a business class seat. Poor Jan – economy for her. Hopefully it will be on Friday. I know you all send them your best wishes for a quick trip home.

Now, we were in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago and I was on a walk to check out a restaurant. The address was 1303 Yanaan Road so I started at the 300 block, on the odd numbered side of the road – walked for 9 long blocks, looked up and saw this. How does odd all of a sudden become even?  I started to pay a little more attention to the numbering – sometimes the odd numbers were the 700 block and across the street the even were the 330s. How do you ever find your way around?

Where did the odd numbers go?

Where did the odd numbers go?

A traditional English dinner!

A traditional English dinner!

I quit drinking again this weekend. We were at Vanessa and Mark’s for a fabulous western style dinner – roasted pepper and tomato soup, roast pork with crackling and gravy, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, cheese plate and port and ice cream cake. Sadly, once again, the wine was flowing too freely… Thanks again you two – and to Jeremy for having a birthday to celebrate and especially to Jasmine who went into Shanghai to get me socks that go up past my ankle!

This restaurant is not far from us – in fact, I may have posted this photo already but I don’t remember and I find it such an usual name – I think it must be Chinglish.



Was in Rt Mart to get some chicken.. Enough said. Anyway as I strolled the aisles I hear this very loud air compressor – and I mean loud. It was at the end of the orange arrow. However, it failed to disturb this guy who was absolutely dead to the world. I don’t sleep that well in my own bed.



Terry and I saw this tree on our walk on Sunday. The blooms (see inset) were like snapdragon flowers

Can't wait to see it in full bloom.

Can’t wait to see it in full bloom.

and there were about five of the trees in a vacant lot. We haven’t seen anything like them anywhere else.


Now, I admit that I am a bit of a fashionista, so I am always on the lookout for clothes for Terry as well to see how others dress. Terry had seen this top in a shop window one day, so on Sunday we went back to get it. I thought she would look good in the shorts which were on display with the top, as did the saleslady. I even suggested that she could get a pair of the popular 4-6 inch heels and just wear them around the house. We came home with just the top.

One can fanta - whoops, visualize, can't one...

One can fanta – whoops, visualize, can’t one…

(Ed. note: Terry’s is just a t-shirt – not an off the shoulder type – sadly)

This woman, however, doesn’t seem intimidated by the fact that she is well over 50 (I could tell from the front when I saw her face, trust me). I guess she believes in dressing young. I am told by Terry that young fashion (short skirts – and this is short) are for the young.

"I am proud of my legs"

“I am proud of my legs”

Finally next to Starbucks is some store that serves as the backdrop for its own modelling photo shoots. I would think that once a month this woman, her photographer and entourage show up for a couple of hours of shooting. It is quite amusing to see her make a quarter turn and hold the pose then another quarter turn hold etc. then change clothes and do it all over again. Just another scene in Jiaxing.

Hold it!

Hold it! (Like the expression on the woman in the background?)

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  1. Tom Rippon

    Peter & Jan we are in palm springs for another few weeks. We will keep you in are thoughts and prayers. Tom& Moe

  2. joan

    That 50 year old lady in the short skirt did have pretty nice legs! Terry, the shorts would have looked great on you with that t-shirt.


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