Food on the Trains

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Penticton Purview (Formerly The Jiaxing Express)

Subways, trains–same same.   Yesterday, a family of a mom and two grown up children sat across from me.  Out came the snacks.  I notice that I am past the point of finding these foods interesting and am now mostly grossed out.  “Please don’t let it be a package of chicken feet,” I think to myself.  It’s not but it’s something unidentifiable from where I sit.  I can tell that it is very dark and chewy and might be some sort of dried fruit, so I go with that.  I look away and try to enjoy the scenery before the subway dives down below ground.  Alas, these three are smackers, ie open-mouth chewers who like to smack their lips with great regularity.  Because there are many vacant seats, I drag my suitcase to the next car and sit again.  One is not always so fortunate.

As we move closer in to…

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One thought on “Food on the Trains

  1. THanks, Terry….although “thanks” might not be the right word for sharing all the lipsmacking, Chewing,and other ‘dining’ habits of your compartment ‘mates’…..ah, local customs, eh?

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