Line, Line, Everywhere a Line*

Line, line, everywhere a line Guidin’ all the people, breakin’ my mind Stand here, don’t stand there, can’t you see the line?* Anecdote 1 Wednesday I went in to Shanghai to get Terry’s birthday present (fyi 6 bags of the world’s best potato chips from Marks and Spencer – and they say I’m not aContinue reading “Line, Line, Everywhere a Line*”

Ah, so. Very much humidity! Meetings and Old Town

Here I sit on our deck, listening to firecrackers (what do you mean you need an occasion?), checking to see how far I can see through the low hanging clouds.  I now know when it is pollution and when clouds because I have a particle-in-the-air meter on my phone, thanks to Geoff, so now IContinue reading “Ah, so. Very much humidity! Meetings and Old Town”

Transportation and Tacky Tourists

Transportation Issue 1. I would like to say that we are spending a quiet day ruminating on our time in China, but that would be a lie. This afternoon, apparently, the Chinese Air Force has decided to do some test flights over our apartment – or should I say JUST over our apartment. I thoughtContinue reading “Transportation and Tacky Tourists”

Guilin Days 3 and 4 or My Ethnic Princess and Spot the Horses

Update: A very important story was missed from the last blog!  Geoff got hit on during the tour boat within the city—and didn’t even know it.  Daniel and I were chuckling about it from the other side of the boat where we could see this short blonde woman leaning in and smiling up at Geoff,Continue reading “Guilin Days 3 and 4 or My Ethnic Princess and Spot the Horses”