Noise Pollution

I realize that I don’t know enough about humidity.  For instance, can there be more than 100% humidity at any one time in one place?  I ask because I believe today is a case for it.  Between bouts of rain off and on all day, the air in Jiaxing stayed heavy with moisture that settled everywhere.  Every bit of marble or granite flooring, tiled bathroom walls, windows and sidewalks were constantly damp – (Ed. note: even our sheets when we went to bed).  Any surface that could incite condensation did so.  And still the sky remained grey and heavy.  Visibility was good only to the near distance.  Dreary is how they describe it.  Even now at 7:30pm, everything is wet. It’s going to be a sticky night.  Temp is expected to climb into the high 20s but feel like the mid 30s all weekend.

(Ed. note: Here is a short video of our day today. The dreariness is not really pollution – in fact the air quality index is 87 right now – anything below 100 is totally safe – it doesn’t get sketchy until you are over 200. Please listen in the background – you can hear the dog barking – which it does all day! As the video opens, it is on the balcony just above the green glass – in fact, if you stop the video as it starts, you can just see the damn thing on some kind of box on the right hand side of the balcony. Yesterday I asked someone to tell me how to say “I am going to kill your dog” (wo sha ni de gou)- but Terry said I can’t go over there…)

We have been here more than 8 months and still unknown noises disturb our sleep.  This week, about 4:00am, a new sound wakes us.  The first time I was convinced that someone was pushing a rickety cart through the complex; Geoff thought it was bats.  Last night, I thought maybe some kind of birds were talking to each other.  Geoff got up and taped it.  He thinks they are frogs.  Tonight as we were enjoying happy hour, it started up again.  It doesn’t actually sound like anything we recognize as frog but it does seem to come from the pond area, so maybe.  Does it make a difference?  Not really.  We are still woken up by the little perishers far too early and in time to hear the dog start up at around 5:30.  So this is city life?   As Geoff pointed out, at least the rooster is gone.

(Ed. note: There is really nothing to see, just listen and imagine this going on and on and on – and the camera didn’t really pick up the actual loudness of it very well.)

Now a few leftover photos from our trip to Guilin.

The first was taken in the lobby of our hotel – the five star (more a four star) Sheraton. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to try it.

Well, as long it is BAKED and not broiled...

Well, as long it is BAKED and not broiled…

Just after we got off the boat in Yangshao, there she was.

This young lady was quite lovely - she enjoyed having her picture taken - but what's with THAT outfit?

This young lady was quite lovely – she enjoyed having her picture taken – but what’s with THAT outfit?

Who knew – Torquay and Yangsho are one and the same.



6 thoughts on “Noise Pollution

  1. Bruce

    Hey I was curious if the lady who was raising chickens on the balcony of her 2nd floor apartment still had them, or if she got rid of them with the Avian flu scare. Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Cobourglin

    It sounds like frogs to me. Our neighbor has an artificial pond and the frogs have found it. Noisy day and night. She says they go away once they mate and the female has laid the eggs. So hopefully this ritual will happen soon for you and they will leave.

  3. lois marsden

    No doubt about it….aliens! Look for little green things who are talking in a frog like manner. That is the source of the noise.

  4. Peter Therrien

    Sounds like a loose train on bad tracks, but then I’m old and can’t here worth a sh** (or so says Jan!)


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