11 thoughts on “To Be Tacky or Not To Be Tacky?

  1. I voted for tacky but it is a very impressive tacky. Terry, I especially love your bright pink runners peeking out from time to time. I have been meaning to comment on them over the last few posts.

  2. Tacky or not, I’m very impressed that Geoff is using his spare time to such advantage. Damn fine job on that…….and yeah, it is tacky, but I voted not tacky because I was so impressed!

  3. Ditto on Peters’ comments. So entranced by the “pilots” , now need to go back and look at the scenery. Geoff the digital industry is missing your expertise.

    Karen and Mal

  4. Definitely NOT TACKY! Have you seen the album Kim and I had made with the different outfits? After living in China for a year my guidelines for tacky have become somewhat distorted. We may neber recover. Very impressive.

  5. I thought you had excellent technique on those tricky loops. And the way you manouvered through those tight spaces………very impressive! Not tacky, fabulous!

  6. I was actually quite surprised you weren’t shot out of the sky!!! Maybe that was the barrel roll you did at about 45 seconds….

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