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Hello folks. Today is an auspicious day, as we publish Post #156. This sets a new record for us, as previously, we had only published 155 posts. In order to mark this significant event, we are running


The most exciting part of this is that you get to participate in one of two ways and have a chance at some incredible prizes.

First the contest

Prepare an anecdote of a unique, touching, amusing, or embarrassing moment in your travel history. Limit it to 100 – 200 words. (Ed. note: As a guide, the first paragraph of Terry’s previous blog on pregnancy is 247 words long.) Submit it to Ed. Note at with the subject “I want to win!”


Submit a photo of a unique, touching, amusing, or embarrassing moment in your travel history with a brief description or caption. Submit it to Ed. Note at with the subject “I want to win!”


1st Prize (for two)

  • Two nights stay at the luxurious Leeden Hotel* overlooking Jiang Nan Mall and Amusement Park
  • 2 breakfasts with Geoff at his reserved table at Starbucks
  • A personalized tour of the BC Offshore Program building at Jiaxing Senior High School with Terry
  • A guided bus tour of Jiaxing with a stop at Auchon for their famous two flavour ice cream cones
  • A self guided tour of the Communist Museum at South Lake
  • A guided tour of South Lake and the Junk where the Chinese Communist Manifesto was signed
  • Lunch “on the street” at one of Jiaxing’s famous “floating pork” restaurants
  • An accompanied bicycle ride on the Jiaxing Greenway
  • Dinner with both Terry and Geoff at Krabi Thai Restaurant
  • Taxi to AND from the Jiaxing South Railway Station
  • This prize package is valued in excess of 1000 

2nd Prize (Unlimited)

  • For all those who enter and request it, an autographed, digital photo of Geoff in funny hats. Value is priceless.

Rules and regulations

  • All entries become the property of “The Jiaxing Express” and may be published at their whim with due recognition of the owners
  • Entries close July 1, 2013 (Happy Canada Day)
  • Winners will be announced shortly thereafter, depending on the judge’s Internet access in Bali
  • Although the prizes are suspect, they are real and the desire to publish other people’s experiences is sincere. The Assistant (Geoff) to the Head Judge (Terry) thinks it would be fun.
  • *The Jiaxing Express can only guarantee that if you don’t smoke, your room will be a non-smoking room while you are there. We cannot be held responsible that previous guests observed the no smoking suggestion made by the hotel.
  • **Contrary to the declaration of the head Judge, the Assistant Judge does not have too much time on his hands – just too much caffeine to let him nap this afternoon. Get those entries in!

Remember – You Can’t Win if You Don’t Enter!

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  1. Bruce

    What a great prize. I would personally like to vouch for the Leeden Hotel. The breakfast was so interesting. Is that where we stayed in Jiaxing?


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