Sad News to Share

I have some very sad news to share with you. It appears that the vast majority of our friends and readers have led sad, pathetic, uninteresting, boring, mundane travel lives – if in fact they have travelled at all. I say this as only one (1, Ee, une, uno) person has shared a travel anecdote and no one has sent an interesting travel photo. As I result, I can only surmise that you all have little experience travelling, which is interesting since I know, without even putting my memory to work, that: Aucoin (France, Belgium), Buczewski (China), Carabine (China, Thailand), Cregg-Guinan (Ireland, Spain), Crumley (Palm Springs), Goodridge (Arizona), Hendricks (California, Cabo), Kintzinger (Maritimes), MacPhail (Scotland), Nikolai (Italy), Rollins (Arizona, Hawaii),   Simpson (Southeast Asia), Therrien (Southeast Asia), Waldie (Germany), Watt (Saudi) just to name a very few, have all travelled to various parts of the globe in recent years. It is impossible for me to believe none of you have interesting thoughts or photos to share.

Thus it appears the prizes are viewed as too overwhelming or pitiful. Let’s see what the polls say:

6 thoughts on “Sad News to Share

  1. Lynne

    Sad news to share just put the fear of God up me, not a good time for that headline I”m afraid.

  2. Kelly Spencer

    OMG!!! Your title freaked me out!

    Travel? What’s that? I doubt that tales of searching for the Ogopogo as a five year old would make the grade. 😉

  3. joan

    I said I would send a picture, but gee they are all so boring! Golfing pictures, golfing pictures, more golfing pictures, grandkids, grandkids and more grandkids, etc., etc.
    I do have one interesting one that I will try to scan and post. (Ed. note: It has been added to the contest – Thanks Joan.)

  4. Dave Mickie

    Travelled all the way to the Sheraton Wall Centre to stay for the night so I could post a picture for you. See it on Facebook. Dave and Joan (Ed. note: The one of Joan overlooking the city?)


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