Travel Contest, Week One

(Ed. Note: Okay folks, one week after announcing the contest and a few days after shaming you, we now have 9 entries. Names have been removed to protect the entrant from future harassment, but for those of you who are wise, you may be able to figure the “owner” out. All italicized preambles are the words of the entrant, but all photo captions are mine. There is still one week to go, so get those entries in.)

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play!

Entry #1

Fifteen years ago we sublet a Russian family’s apartment for a week. The family of four (including two adults and two male teenagers) lived in 400 square feet. The apartment was on the 9th floor of a bleak building among several others. More than six locks were opened to get us in the apartment.

The owner suggested that we  shower before going out, first me. The bathroom was exceptionally small. I began. Got lathered up. The water went off. Off!

I called for Sheila. She spoke to the owner.
He said that the state had not told him it would be going off today.

Several gallon jugs of distilled water later, I was done.
And so began our week in Russia…

Entry #2

I immediately thought of the attached photo when I first read of your (what I expected to be) hotly contested challenge. But since it pokes fun at my ever-loving hubby I decided to desist. Okay, you talked me into it.

The photo shows Mark and our two sons in London, with the Tower Bridge in the background. Mark spent an inordinate amount of time wandering about London with his face in his smartphone. He was determined to make his walking GPS work, and if that meant missing what was going on around him, so be it! The boys and I would forge ahead, enjoying all that London has to experience. Then we would turn around and wait for Mark to catch up as he walked, looking only at his phone. This candid photo captures Mark and his beloved phone, Cody to his right (your left), face in palm, and Sean to his left (your right), semi-comatose with frustration.

"Which way is London Bridge?"

“Which way is London Bridge?”

Entries #3 AND #4

Had it in my books to do this…have been inundated with work and all!!!…but would like to give you guys something back for all your blogs that I enjoy (and maybe I win a prize….lol…)

Florida 2008Daytona Nascar’s 50th Anniversary Race…remember that time Terry when I left work in February…my mom took all of her kids and grandkids…photo of my brother walking into the race after suntanning…. #3 Dale Eirnhart (sp?) on his back…I just love that Pic…and he was such a fan of Dale…he was actually crushed when Dale died in that crash…sentimental travel photo

"#3 - Harry Howell"

#3 – Harry Howell – 19 straight Seasons

Bogie 2006 – on our trip to the East Coast…remember that Terry when I took 4 months off work….Bogie…we were camping in the Walmart parking lot in Sault St. Marie, Ont…our view…Home Depot…lol…and who would think you could camp with your trailer in a Walmart parking lot for free!!!!….we did it a few times…most entertaining.

"Don't bug me - I'm comfy right here!"

“Don’t bug me – I’m comfy right here!”

Entry #5

I needed to take a cab from Luwan to Nanyang Model High School for a meeting.  I had only been there once before by subway so I wasn’t really sure where I was going.  I had my China Direction phone with the correct address on Ling Ling Street as well I knew how to say “I want to go to Nanyang High School Ling Ling Street” in Chinese. What could go wrong?  The driver had a long conversation with me in which I kept repeating Nanyang Model High School,  He was clearly trying to tell me something but I had no idea what,   After 20 minutes of driving in no traffic, I knew the driver was lost. He pulled up to a smaller school with a flourish and announced he was there.  I phoned Greg who put a kind Chinese lady on and told the embarrassed driver how to get there.  It turned out the driver figured because I was white, I wanted to see Nanyang Junior School where the famous basketball player went to school.  Who knew?

Entry #6

All right, you shamed me into this so here goes. 

A few years ago, Erin and I took a wonderful mother/daughter trip to Italy. We had been wandering around Capri and on the way back to our hotel, tired, hot and just a little bit grumpy, we discovered a wonderful little shop that sold wine and all sorts of other specialty food items. We went in and spent some time ohhing and awwing at all the goodies. We emerged with snacks and a bottle of Italy’s finest, we thought. Once back at our hotel with mouths watering for a glass of wine and some appetizers, we discovered there was no ice bucket or ice to be found. We even called the front desk only to be told they didn’t have such a thing. However, not to be thwarted in our desire for a glass of wine, this is how we chilled the wine. How’s that for using good Canadian ingenuity?

When in Rome?

When in Rome?

After an hour or so, we pulled the bottle out, washed it off and popped the cork. Looking forward to this wonderful wine we made a short toast and each took a sip. It was awful! The rest of the bottle went down the drain and we went out for a drink.

So much more civilized, don't you think, Darling?

So much more civilized, don’t you think, Dahling?

Entries #7 AND #8

Sorry Geoff, have been busy. Here are two embarrassing times.
No 1. A friend of mine was returning from one of many business trips in the US and had made his way to the baggage carousel, through throngs of people, and he spied his suitcase….with a pair of USED underwear not quite packed properly and most of the piece of clothing “on view”!! He immediately retreated to a corner of the large room, and then watched every other person on that flight claim their luggage. When all had left and suitcase with caught briefs still going round and round, he raced over to grab it, and tore out of the building, hoping no one would notice that he was the owner of that bag. Poor guy.

No 2. Myself and a girlfriend were in Madrid, a few years ago, at the train station. Very busy it was there, many escalators going every whichway. Bev and I were very tired as it had been a red eye trip from Barcelona. Not being fluent in Spanish, we thought we could find the right moving stairs to where our luggage was. Wrong. We “charaded” with a couple of older, serious attendants, who pointed us in another new direction. They were fairly courteous and smiley, at us, two grey haired senior women, (and travelling on our own in Spain, with backpacks). Probably not seen too much in a very family oriented country. Anyway, we met these two fellas about 4 times before they threw their arms in the air, and escorted us to our luggage where it sat all alone waiting for owners. And, all clothing inside was packed properly. We said “gracias, mucho gracias”. Fun times. Incidentally, is charaded an actual word? (Ed. note.: Not likely but we are complaining!)

Entry #9

Dennis drinking water from a unique source at La Manga Golf Club in Cartagena, Spain.  The funny part we were with another couple who had been there before.  We were wondering what the hick these fixtures were on the golf course.  We then mentioned how thirsty we were and there was no water to be found on the course.  The couple then explained that those funny fixtures were where you drink the water.

"It's not red wine, but it will do in a pinch"

“It’s not red wine, but it will do in a pinch”

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