We Have Winners!

Well folks, after a couple of beer and several glasses of wine (Greg), a spiked fruit juice, and several glasses of wine (Chan), a beer, a G anT and several glasses of wine (Terry), a beer, a G and T and several glasses of wine (Geoff), a plunge or two in the pool and much discussion, we have come to a decision on the travel anecdotes. These are the 3 Grand Prize winners, although you all know that you are all winners in our hearts and we will be emailing you the second prize photos soon. The Grand Prize winners, in no particular order, are Lynne “My underwear is showing” Cregg-Guinon, Mark “Where’s Tower Bridge?” Franklin, and Val “It’s not me, it’s Erin that needs a drink” Goodridge. We look forward to seeing you soon in Jiaxing!!

Lynne “My underwear is showing” Cregg-Guinon

I was travelling home alone after a trip to Europe and when I was waiting at the baggage carousel in Vancouver to collect my luggage I noticed a suitcase go by which was completely encapsulated in what appeared to be heavy duty saran wrap. I thought to myself, hmmm  now there’s someone who is a bit anal about their luggage getting damaged.  Several minutes went by with no sign of my suitcase arriving.  I did however then notice that there were some pairs of ladies panties, a bra and some socks loose on the carousel and also what looked like a card of some sort.  Perhaps a birthday card or some such thing I again thought.  I thought, oh dear, poor unfortunate person that has to step forward and claim those.

More time elapsed as the assembly of ladies undergarments went unclaimed.  Hmmmm.  I moved closer.  OMG, imagine the horror when the card went by again and I recognised my Mother’s handwriting on the card.  It was a birthday card that she was sending back for one of the kids birthdays.  Oh dear Jesus, did that mean that the other accoutrements were also mine? Yes, indeed they were.  Did the embarrased female step forward and claim her items?   Yes, she did but only when the carousel had stopped, the other passengers had left and one of the baggage handlers lifted the “anal” piece of baggage from the carousel.  It was wrapped because the zip had broken. Enough said.

Mark “Where’s Tower Bridge?” Franklin

The photo shows Mark and our two sons in London, with the Tower Bridge in the background. Mark spent an inordinate amount of time wandering about London with his face in his smartphone. He was determined to make his walking GPS work, and if that meant missing what was going on around him, so be it! The boys and I would forge ahead, enjoying all that London has to experience. Then we would turn around and wait for Mark to catch up as he walked, looking only at his phone. This candid photo captures Mark and his beloved phone, Cody to his right (your left), face in palm, and Sean to his left (your right), semi-comatose with frustration.

"Which way is London Bridge?"

“Which way is London Bridge?”

Val “It’s not me, it’s Erin that needs a drink” Goodridge

A few years ago, Erin and I took a wonderful mother/daughter trip to Italy. We had been wandering around Capri and on the way back to our hotel, tired, hot and just a little bit grumpy, we discovered a wonderful little shop that sold wine and all sorts of other specialty food items. We went in and spent some time ohhing and awwing at all the goodies. We emerged with snacks and a bottle of Italy’s finest, we thought. Once back at our hotel with mouths watering for a glass of wine and some appetizers, we discovered there was no ice bucket or ice to be found. We even called the front desk only to be told they didn’t have such a thing. However, not to be thwarted in our desire for a glass of wine, this is how we chilled the wine. How’s that for using good Canadian ingenuity?

When in Italy?

When in Italy?

After an hour or so, we pulled the bottle out, washed it off and popped the cork. Looking forward to this wonderful wine we made a short toast and each took a sip. It was awful! The rest of the bottle went down the drain and we went out for a drink.

So much more civilized, don't you think, Darling?

So much more civilized, don’t you think, Darling?


Congratulations and Thanks to all who entered. It was fun.

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