And so..

The first year of The Jiaxing Express comes to a close.

Our first blog was June 16. Our first blog from China was September 3. There were 166 posts, 107 email followers, 87 Facebook followers, 451 comments, 18,897 views with the best ever one blog view being 259. Lynne, Lois, Ken, Joan, Peter and Val were the people who commented most frequently.

We hope you enjoyed reading of our experiences. We certainly enjoyed writing them.

Depending on comments offered, choices made and Chinese cooperation we may begin again in September when we return to Jiaxing. In the meantime have a great summer to all of you.

Terry and Geoff

Geoff1 Terry1

10 thoughts on “And so..

  1. Looking forward for more to come in the future. Welcome back to Vancouver we hope we can get together at some point. Tom&Moe

  2. Will be expecting you to wear that to dinner here some night! Good job you two, now what are you going to do?

  3. Thank you for leaving us with my all time favourite tacky pictures. They will just have to get us through the summer. Maybe you can find a tacky picture opportunity during your travels around BC. I have to say I have enjoyed reading about all your experiences in China and I hope you will be able to continue next year. Have a great time reconnecting with your Canadian family and friends this summer. Say hi to Nancy and Rich for me.

    I remember our first landing in Calgary after the 1st year in Saudi. As both Sam and I took a deep breath and “let go” I realized how lucky we are and how much we take for granted in this beautiful country of ours…..We’re looking forward to seeing you next month! love, Judith. PS…you both look “to the manor born..”

  5. hi Terry and Geoff

    Russ and I loved all your blogs, so interesting, and funny. We feel we know a lot more about China now, and Bali. Hope your trip home is not too tiring. Hope to see you both at the club.

  6. Gerry and I both gained insight into the reality of China….a few snags amidst the growth of a middle class . What an adventure.

  7. We greatly enjoyed your blog posts and pictures. Welcome home. See you at the club soon.
    Alanna and Mike.

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