Aaaaannnnd We’re Back…..

Some geographical and travel information for you. Vancouver to Jiaxing Get up at 6 am (PDT) for 11:15 am (PDT) flight Depart at 11:40 am (PDT) Cross International Dateline (see photo) at 4:55 pm (PDT) – 2728 miles from Vancouver at crossing point. Land in Shanghai at 11:40 pm (PDT) – 6087 miles from VancouverContinue reading “Aaaaannnnd We’re Back…..”

What We Did On Our (Spectacular) Summer Vacation

Well here we are at the airport waiting to board and get back to China – thank goodness, since we need a rest! First of all, we have several thanks to give out: To everyone who invited us to their homes for conversation, drinks and dinner – so much so that we now need toContinue reading “What We Did On Our (Spectacular) Summer Vacation”