A Hallowe’en Story (for Mary Lee)

Okay, so it’s not really Hallowe’en but I went to the hairdresser’s today and that’s just as scary in China (right, Mary?).  I was confident, though, because I was in Jiaxing and my hairdresser, Abo, knows a thing or two about cutting hair.  The only thing I am really really sorry about is that IContinue reading “A Hallowe’en Story (for Mary Lee)”

On Visigoths, Irony, the Rich, Sex in the Rain and, of course, Shoes

Here I sit, just back from Shanghai and all alone in Jiaxing while Terry is partying in Vancouver. Hope she has a great time – I will let her tell you about the Air Canada flight attendant, Scott’s failing memory and her car. I have lots of other stuff to share with you! The RichContinue reading “On Visigoths, Irony, the Rich, Sex in the Rain and, of course, Shoes”

National Teachers’ Day

Today is Teacher’s Day in China. As a precursor,  yesterday at Flag Ceremony, all the students turned as one and bowed to their teachers. Don’t expect this at home, my teacher friends!  In the afternoon, I was interviewed and filmed by a reporter  from a Jiaxing TV station who asked me numerous questions, in ChineseContinue reading “National Teachers’ Day”

Go Air Canada! and other musings

Seriously, is there a computer alive that doesn’t auto-save every few seconds?  Yes, there is.  I am writing on it at the moment.  Geoff will say it has nothing to do with being an Apple product and the problem is with WordPress, our blog provider, but what the %$#@^&**(()^%$*! is what I say!  I justContinue reading “Go Air Canada! and other musings”