The Big Dustups

Well Terry is back in town and all is right with my world again. I want to say that I am very surprised that only one person made a comment on the dress she was going to wear to the wedding. Let’s review:

This is a very comfortable and cool gown. Very much "in" in China this year.

This is a very comfortable and cool gown. Very much “in” in China this year.

Now, did you all REALLY think she would go out in public in this? Maybe in 1970 to her high school prom. Now you will all come out of the woodwork and say “Oh I never thought she was actually going to wear that.” Ha, I don’t  believe you. (Ed. note: The dress was one which one of the manufacturers of silk dresses brought to the school to see if she would like and she brought it home out of respect but took it back the next day.) To see what she did wear, you will have to wait until you finish reading the blog.

Worksafe? What's worksafe?

Worksafe? What’s worksafe?

On Tuesdays our ayi comes to clean the apartment. I think I may have mentioned this before, but here is Huang cleaning the sliding glass doors to the kitchen. Please note that the bucket is full of water.

I was waiting for the bus the other day and I saw it drive past where he was supposed to turn right and come up my street. No problem, just pullover, make a U-turn in the middle of the block, make a left and he’s back where he is supposed to be. I don’t know if he was new or just zoned out – either way TIC. If you look VERY closely at the photo on the left you can just make him out making the u-turn. (Ed note: Well I can, trust me).

What do you mean turn right?

What do you mean turn right?

Walking home the other evening, I saw a woman doing some hand watering in this yard. Now, the yard belongs to a townhouse which has sat empty in our complex since we arrived. Also, look at that soil – does it look like it will yield ANYTHING? I will watch and keep you apprised of any change in what is there.

Grow, grow, grow, you little b^&$@*%s!

Grow, grow, grow, you little b^&$@*%s!

Last week when I was in Shanghai I saw these two girls. I was just about to take the photo of the shoes and bag when the people walking behind me called out to them and they turned. I don’t know if they were pleased – but I took it anyway.

Either the bag goes to the girl with the shoes, or the other way around. They need to work this out.

Either the bag goes to the girl with the shoes, or the other way around. They need to work this out.

On the subway to the airport this very cool guy was into his tunes. This is just another example of something being lost in the translation.

C'mon - there's no difference between ate and ain't   --  is there?

C’mon – there’s no difference between ate and ain’t — is there?

Now The BIG Dustups.

1. There I was Wednesday evening sitting and reading my book, just minding my own business. (Ed. note: BTW, if this interrupting of minding my own business keeps on going like this, I may have to get more involved with others). I hear a couple of guys kind of yelling, but that’s not an unusual occurrence. This, however, keeps getting louder so I go out on the balcony. Down below, there are about ten people in the street trying to keep a couple of guys apart. I don’t know what caused it, but I suspect there was also a car involved. Anyway, one guy seems to calm down, but the other guy won’t back off, and continues to yell for another 45 minutes (no exaggeration). Did he really want to fight? I don’t know but at one point there was a woman holding on to his arm with one hand to hold him back while he “strained” to get away, all the while screaming at the top of his lungs. By now the crowd has swelled to about 50 people all involved to various degrees. The security guards from the front gate show up, talk for about five minutes and leave. The yelling is still going on. People are hanging out their windows. I finally tire of the scene and come back in. Suddenly, it is quiet and everyone has disappeared – don’t know why.

2. On Friday when we were in Shanghai, saw a similar thing from our hotel window. A couple has pulled up on to the sidewalk beside a bank and parked their motorcycle. The parking guards (3 of them) are going nuts on them and they are yelling back. The people from the bank come out and one guy stands between the bike and the guards so they can’t touch it. The couple finally go in to the bank and the guards, with a last couple of yells toward the bank doors, wander off.

The Chinese are generally a very placid people – but when they lose it, they lose it big time.

This week’s shoes.
These were in front of us in line waiting to get on the train yesterday. The photo is a little blurry – she would not stand completely still. Still you get the picture. (Ha ha).

As marvin Gaye said "What's goin' on?" Try running around the track in these babies!

As Marvin Gaye said “What’s goin’ on?” Try running around the track in these babies!

Finally here is the dress Terry actually wore to the wedding. It is a beautiful silk, don’t you think.


5 thoughts on “The Big Dustups

  1. pkintzinger

    The first dress was inexplicable … I thought perhaps a joke, but what if it’s not a joke … Terry looks great in everything … maybe you have to be there to appreciate it …
    The silk stunner actually worn, is quite simply stunning. I wish I had one and was slender enough to wear it. It’s a keeper!

  2. lois marsden

    The dress is beautiful, Terry! But then it is the slim, attractive body that brings out the design. Agree with Bruce with his comment about the first dress…We ARE a polite group. Regards.


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