Transportation, Sunday Afternoon Lectures and Breasts

At the risk of having nothing left to write about or show you for awhile, I (Ed. note: Who do YOU think is writing this one?) thought I would clean up a bunch of old and new photos, stories, experiences etc. Oh wait. Tomorrow Terry and I have to go in to Shanghai to theContinue reading “Transportation, Sunday Afternoon Lectures and Breasts”

The Women of Starbucks, Shanghai and Other Tales

First some stories, sans photos. The women of Starbucks Many of you who have followed the blog from the beginning will remember Ms Sour Face who never, ever smiles. She was in a relationship, then out, then in and then out. Well this week her fella came in with her – once. And then heContinue reading “The Women of Starbucks, Shanghai and Other Tales”

This is China, next chapter

The move toward modernization is evidenced everywhere in China:  exotic architecture in Shanghai and modern highways, infrastructure and high-rise towers everywhere.   Why then, does it persist in looking a bit down-at-the-heels, even in the modern cities? Building supplies are poor.  For example, galvanized nails and screws seem not to exist here so when a newContinue reading “This is China, next chapter”

Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part 4

Good morning, afternoon, evening. We have made a little Smilebox of some of the photos which did make the blog and some that didn’t. It is accompanied by a little Tibetan music: Yadong – Pray. For your information, when you are looking at slides 10 through 49 (numbered in bottom right), those were all takenContinue reading “Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part 4”

Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part Three

We returned to Lhasa the same way we had come. The other way was much controlled by the police apparently and although it is shorter, it takes longer due to frequent police stops.  After a brief attempt at getting our hotel management to guarantee that we would have a hot shower in the morning, aContinue reading “Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part Three”

Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part Two

The next day we set off by car with guide and driver to Gygantze, a town some 253 km away, but what a journey!  We leave Lhasa and climb through two mountain passes, one a mere 161 meters lower than Mount Everest base camp.  The road is paved and “reasonably” good but narrow.  The sidesContinue reading “Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part Two”

Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part One

(Ed. note: before beginning, if I offended anyone’s sensibilities with my description of the lavatory experiences on the train, please forgive me. Terry has kindly offered to proofread my contributions in the future, before publishing.) Amazing.  We are in our room at 5:00pm, totally exhausted from our day, the last day we will have hereContinue reading “Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part One”