Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part 4

Good morning, afternoon, evening. We have made a little Smilebox of some of the photos which did make the blog and some that didn’t. It is accompanied by a little Tibetan music: Yadong – Pray. For your information, when you are looking at slides 10 through 49 (numbered in bottom right), those were all taken on the same day. The changes in the sky were truly amazing, unbelievable, awesome – you choose the adjective. The “show” takes about 5 minutes. We hope you enjoy it.

(Ed. note: I made a few small errors (Stupa not Stuba, “pointy” should have been deleted and ??) , but given that it takes about an hour for me to upload it to the internet, you are just going to have to deal with it. When you are finished watching, just close the page.)

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

8 thoughts on “Tibet: Land of Peaceful Liberation – Part 4

  1. Brian & Beth

    What a beautiful presentation. Your pics were fantastic. I thought I would surprise you and reply for the 1st time. We enjoy and look forward to every blog.
    Happy Adventuring Geoff & Terry

  2. Barb

    I am speechless and oh so envious…your pictures are remarkable as is Tibet….don’t you just love Smilebox?

  3. pkintzinger

    #1 photo – the adorable couple … made me miss you all over again. Love the music, which just continues to play and play as i write this – will have to figure out where it’s coming from – ah, there we go. Great!

  4. Al and Paddy Wood

    Al and I (Paddy) are friends of Rich and Nancy and long time neighbours at Madeira Park. Would love to follow your travels.

  5. lois marsden

    What a treat to vicariously share in your experience and view Tibet this way. Makes one want to get online to explore further. Gerry and I say thank you. Enjoy. And is it not wise to do this now at your young and vibrant ages! 🙂

  6. cobourglin

    I agree heartly with all the comments. It wonderful of you to share this experience. Wouldn’t miss a post.. While we are having turkey you are eating Yak. A great memory for next Thanksgiving..
    Looking forward to this years posts..


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