The Nuns of Lhasa

In a blog Terry wrote from Tibet, she (Ed. note: my apologies to Uncle Lew and Aunt Vivian) referred to the nuns we witnessed and the fact that whenever they weren’t doing something or other around the nunnery, you would find them sitting and chanting. I had thought that I had lost this, but luckily it turned up. The sounds you hear “in the background” are the nuns. Also, any time you hear something that you think might just be snippets of other tourist’s conversation, it isn’t – it is a nun chanting something on her own. No one outside of the nuns made any “noise.” Imagine – if you aren’t sweeping, cooking, praying whatever, this is your existence – day after day.

To go to the other extreme – pretty sure none of the nuns wore these! Avast ye matey!

Don't mess with me, Bucko!

Don’t mess with me, Bucko!

9 thoughts on “The Nuns of Lhasa

  1. wendy wilson

    Have just heard the nuns. My gosh, I certainly couldn’t live their life style. But then, I am not a very religious person. On a lighter note, I love your photos of shoes and people. Bet the doctors whose specialty is back problems make a mint. Your Tibetan trip was so interesting. My knowledge of Asia, generally, has been raised ALOT since your blogs. So thanks so much. you have saved us a lot of money, we don’t need to visit China now. 🙂

  2. Sue Solberg

    Can’t begin to imagine the mindset one must have to endure this vocation. Much prefer my slothful existence.

  3. lois marsden

    The human being is a fascinating creature…we adapt and become what we we are due to so many things…culture, education, peer influence, laws, religion et al….those nuns in your video clip have a purpose only they can understand but if they feel good…so be it. Amazing lifestyle…The nuns I grew up with drank wine with my parents and tried to educate us….they were quiet in their prayers ….just different perhaps. Thanks again for an interesting insight

    1. tdwatt23

      I put that in just for you! (To see if you are actually paying attention 😉 ) While I was living in Toronto, I spent a lot of time at their home. I will always remember them for many things (Lew teaching me the word libation, Vivian giving me the opportunity to cook for all SEVEN of them on Sundays and tons more). However, #1: Whenever anyone referred to Vivian as “she” he would respond ” “She” is the cat’s mother. The person you are referring to is Vivian.”

      I miss them – all of them.

      1. Val

        Me too. I found some pictures of my family at your mom and dad’s when they lived in Qualicum (sp ?). Good memories.

  4. Richard Hardisty Judith Watt

    Thanks for this, Geoff…it is fascinating…I think I’d prefer the “vow of silence” but, hey, that’s just me!… I THOUGHT that was was the reference to Lew and Vivian was…..I must admit I’ve said it myself, from time to time!


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