Dribs, Drabs and Congrats

(Ed. note: Today’s blog is green in honour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ Grey Cup victory. Congratulations to all you Watermelon Heads out there.) As you have likely deduced, given the time between blogs, it has been a quiet week around Jiaxing. Not really much out of the ordinary. Terry’s inspection was this week – IContinue reading “Dribs, Drabs and Congrats”

Food Street and Fish Alley

We still have lots to share with you from our weekend in Xiamen, but we (Ed. note: Okay, I) thought we would share our Saturday night and Sunday morning with you. According to the lonely planet China Travel Guide “Xiamen is a port city and is known for its seafood, especially oysters and shrimp.” TheContinue reading “Food Street and Fish Alley”

Xiamen, Fujian Province – Part 1

Here we are, 5:00pm Saturday night in Xiamen, a seaport south of us an hour and a half away by plane.  After a very busy Fall and no trips to Shanghai (other than to the dentist, which doesn’t count), we are treating ourselves to a weekend away and we chose Xiamen predominantly for the semi-tropicalContinue reading “Xiamen, Fujian Province – Part 1”

Enigmatic, Schizophrenic or Just Plain Inscrutable?

(Ed. note: To Our Dear and Faithful Readers: There is growing creative tension between the owner/publisher (henceforth referred to as “o/p”) and the lowly editor (henceforth referred to as “e”) of The Jiaxing Express. The o/p feels that the editor is: A) not doing his best work, and B) is beginning to repeat himself. AsContinue reading “Enigmatic, Schizophrenic or Just Plain Inscrutable?”