Talent runs amok

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Went for Korean dinner after our Chinese lesson tonight. Had a good dinner after we decided to have the hot pot with beef instead of the one with dog…

This van has been parked outside our apartment complex …

So what if it has a flat tire

Sorry, can’t move it – it has a flat tire.

…since we got here – in September 2012!

Went across to Sherrie and Tim’s (Ed. note: Sherrie cooks too well and Tim drinks too much like Geoff) last Saturday – our new friends who are originally from South Carolina and and live in our complex. What wonderfully gracious people. We learned a new game – Blockus. Sadly, it is like all the other games we play, Terry wins, I lose. When we first had them over, they indicated that our elevators were in great shape compared to theirs. We found it hard to believe – until we went over…

Part of a floor is better than no floor, I guess.

Part of a floor is better than no floor, I guess.

Apparently it gets torn up a little more every time someone drags in a load of bricks and all they do is lay a new floor down, making it higher and higher and harder to get something into the elevator. Plus in building 8 they like to use the elevator walls as notepads to write phone numbers on.  Tim also told me that he has met the fellow who owns the 26th, 27th and 28th floors of the building next door (Ed. note: apparently there is a s&*^load of money in China) and that compared to the rest of rural China, Jiaxing looks and is quite prosperous. We were a little gob-smacked, at that, as the o/p and Lynne like to say .

Local Artists

You never know when you are going to come across talent. These are photos of my cousin Val’s thrown bowls. Val started with a couple of hosta leaves from her garden and created these incredible pieces of art. I have offered to be her West Coast distributor, so let me know if you want one. (Ed. note: After I get mine, of course.) I expect people on the West Coast to step up and show those people in Winnipeg how to appreciate talent! (Ed. note: Recently Winnipeggers were treated to the hugely successful “One Night Stand Art Show and Sale”. Don’t lose your opportunity to keep Val potting or throwing or whatever these damn artistes call it, and out of Lake Havasu!)

Val's Hosta Bowl

Val’s Hosta Bowl #1

Another one of Val's Hosta Bowls

Val’s Hosta Bowl #2

Next on the list is Mal and his incredible wood carving. The house is crafted from a piece of cottonwood bark and is about 17″ – 18″ high. The windows are actually clear with “glass” in them. I have added the yellow “lights” just for effect. (Hope that is okay, Mal). (Ed. note: As his Prairie Distributor, please send me your orders.  After I get mine,  I will let you know the associated costs). I expect all you Prairie People  to step up and show those people on the Wet Coast how to appreciate talent! (Ed. note: Don’t lose your opportunity to keep Mal carving or chiseling whatever these damn artistes call it, and out of Hemet!)

Mal's Hand Carving

Mal’s House

Finally who can deny the talent of the lovely photographer Terry. (Ed. note: We already have orders…) (Ed. note: Don’t lose your opportunity to keep Terry photographing or picture-taking or whatever these damn artistes call it, and out of Canada!)

And then there was lake Turquoise

And then there was Lake Turquoise…

(Ed. note: I want to be more productive (and richer), so please send me examples of your talents and I will display them, ensuring an change in your financial position.)

3 thoughts on “Talent runs amok

  1. Val Goodridge

    Geoff, thanks for the unsolicited advertisement. I actually sold all the hosta bowls at our “One Night Stand” as well as most of the other pieces I took. Thanks for offering to flog my stuff. I guess I better get back to work. LOL I love Mal’s carvings, they are very quirky. Terry’s photographs, and your’s too of course, make the blog even more interesting.

  2. lois marsden

    Speaking of artisist, it would be interesting to see what my mother would do painting Lake Turquoise. She gives a painting to the LGE each year so Terri would have seen her work. Interesting.


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