Food Street and Fish Alley

We still have lots to share with you from our weekend in Xiamen, but we (Ed. note: Okay, I) thought we would share our Saturday night and Sunday morning with you. According to the lonely planet China Travel Guide “Xiamen is a port city and is known for its seafood, especially oysters and shrimp.” The guide lists four places to try for dinner – and Lucky City Seafood House Inc. is one of them.  We showed up at 6:18 and got our number – 1059, the one on the board was 1031. It must be good, we thought, given these two pieces of information. We finally got upstairs (3rd floor) after about 40 minutes. The place holds about 298 Chinese people and two white folks – we certainly got the looks – no, stares! The menu was a book – a BIG book with lots of pictures and English too! Now, if you are ever in Xiamen and want either abalone, bird’s nest stuff or the ever-desired shark fin soup, fried shark fin with vegetables, grilled shark fin etc. etc., then this is the place for you. There must be 10 pages devoted to shark fin alone. We had chrysanthemum salad, roasted vegetables, clams in white wine sauce, crispy whitebait and fried noodles, Fujian style. (Ed. note: Note the significant lack of MEAT! What is becoming of the Ed.?)

Anyway, it was totally acceptable, if not great or even up to a standard which should make it “listable” in a travel guide. To be fair, the bill only totalled about $40 – with one beer.

Sunday morning we decided that none of the fried food on the hotel buffet was anything we wanted, so off we went to Starbucks for latte and muffins. From there we decided to go for a walk and wound up on a small side street about 1 1/2 blocks from our hotel – and about 1/4 of the way to Lucky City Seafood House Inc. “Food Street” is about two city blocks long. There are 15 foot wide stalls all the way up each side plus all the way up the middle. It is truly a feast of the senses. Once you are at the end of Food Street, you make either a sharp left or a sharp right. I don’t know what we would have found if we went right, but going left put us in to “Fish Alley”. It went on for at 5 – 6 city blocks, again with 15 foot wide stalls all the way along on both sides.

The first twenty-two photos of this Smilebox are examples of what we COULD have had the night before for probably 1/4 of the cost and 2x the taste! We could have also enjoyed many of the offerings for breakfast – if we hadn’t already been to Starbucks! Sigh, if only we had known. Enjoy.

(Ed. note: I recommend that once you start it, you click on the four little arrows in the bottom left of the Smilebox once it starts to play.)

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4 thoughts on “Food Street and Fish Alley

  1. wendy wilson

    What a foodie video, complete with band music. What do the vendors do if all the food is NOT eaten? All those stalls. What choices there are.

  2. Val Goodridge

    I guess street food is not so dangerous when you can see the kitchen and can eat the food right off the grill. Maybe that is safer than a restaurant kitchen you can’t see. However, I am a coward when it come to eating street food.


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